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Adam Muhammad PandorChong Hao FoongDanica Gan Jia-EnFarah Hanisah Binti ZainolT I N D E R L O V E

Drake and Emm was in their late 20s and they were desperate to find their partners. So they decided to use a dating website to find for their other half. While they were scrolling through the dating website, both their profile pictures caught each others attention. They browse through their info written on the websites and found out that they had many things in common. They started texting and going on dates. After a year, they got married. Only after marriage, Drakes true colours started to show. Whenever he is emotionally unstable, he would abuse Emm with his words and physically. Drake felt like it was a right thing to do because he saw his father doing the same thing to his mum.


Our Comic

The 5 ConceptsHalo EffectStereotypingObservational LearningAggressionSocial Perception

The Halo Effect

DefinitionThe tendency to use global evaluation to make judgements about specific traits.

The Halo Effect

When browsing through the dating app, Drake got attracted by Emm because of her appealing profile picture.

Social Perception

DefinitionForming an impression of others based on available information.

Social PerceptionBoth Drake and Emm made impressions of each other by looking at the comments and the status written at the dating website.


DefinitionA hasty generalisation about a group based on judgements about the individual from the group.


Both Emm and Drake made hasty generalisations when they first saw each others profile. Emm concluded that Drake is a typical white boy who is into netflix and chill, goes to the gym but never really work out and go out to party all night. Drake categorized Emm as a typical white girl who likes to shop at Victoria Secret, and takes pictures of her frappuccino and upload them on Instagram every single time.

Observational Learning

DefinitionReplicating others behavior through observation and imitation.

Observational Learning

As a child, Drakes father has always been abusing him and his mother. He observed this behavior ever since he was little. As a result, he felt the need to do the exact same thing to his wife.

Hostile Aggression

DefinitionThe goal is suffering for the victim.

Hostile Aggression

Whenever Drake is emotionally unstable, he always abuses Emm. He hits Emm and calls her names. He feels powerful whenever he does that to Emm.