Project activities carried out in Liceul Tehnologic de Servicii "Sfantul Apostol Andrei"

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Project activities carried out in Liceul Tehnologic de Servicii "Sfantul Apostol Andrei" (2012 - 2014)

Text of Project activities carried out in Liceul Tehnologic de Servicii "Sfantul Apostol Andrei"

  • 1.COMENIUS MULTILATERAL PARTNERSHIP 2012 - 2014 ACTIVITIES ORGANISED IN ROMANIA Liceul Tehnologic de Servicii Sf. Apostol Andrei Ploiesti Romania

2. The Comenius multilateral partnership From Icarus to Interplanetary Travels (12-PM-729- PH-HU) has been funded with financial support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the European Commission or ANPCDEFP cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. Disclaimer 3. ROMANIAN TEAM Coordinator: Sorina Monica Andrei teacher of English Members: Magdalena Pana head teacher Nicoleta Marin deputy head teacher Ana Maria Tanase teacher of Romanian Beatrice Fanareanu teacher of English Maria Visan primary school teacher Marilena Jigaila teacher of Economy Daniela Varvaruc teacher of Tourism Cristian Voicu teacher of Geography Bogdan Petrache teacher of Psychology Cosmin Preda teacher of History Mirela Sima teacher of Food Services 4. Activities carried out during the first year of the project November 2012 June 2013 5. We have designed a Questionnaire for our students related to Icarus legend and the theme of our partnership. They answered these questions in November, before starting the activities, and our intention is to use it at the end of the partnership as well, with the same students, to be able to measure the impact of the project and how much their knowledge has improved. Teachers: Sorina Monica Andrei Sima Mirela Initial questionnaire november 2012 6. Creating the Romanian team logo On the 16th of November, 8 talented students showed their drawing skills in their attempt to design the Romanian logo and the result was a collection of beautiful drawings. They used their creativity and imagination first at home, then together at school, where they created a final logo which contains aviation symbols and national signs. Teacher: Sorina Monica Andrei 7. International Day of Tolerance On the 16th of November 2012 we celebrated the International day of Tolerance and our teachers Ana-Maria Bianca Tanase and Beatrice Fanareanu made a PPT presentation in Romanian and English about the alphabet of tolerance. Our pupils were very interested in this activity and learnt to become more tolerant with each other and to accept other opinions. 8. Communication between partners students Our students became pen pals with pupils from Greece, Slovakia and Portugal. They were very happy not only to receive letters and cards, but also to write and send their reply along with small gifts. Its difficult to describe the happiness and excitement of our students receiving their letters. Teachers: Sorina Monica Andrei Roxana Steoalfa Beatrice Fanareanu 9. Watching the movieUp- above all In December 2012 our students watched the cartoon "Up", then they discussed about the unusual quality of the main character to fly. They talked about other heroes who can fly, why flight is important for imaginary heroes and how real people can fly today. They invented their own heroes having this amazing ability to fly and some pupils even wrote stories about characters who can fly. There has been an exhibition organized with all these creations. Teachers: Ana Maria Tanase Beatrice Fanareanu Roxana Steoalfa 10. Research activities about the history of aviation December 2012 Our students worked in groups and made some research about the history of aviation and the idea of flight in human history. They made PPT presentations and a meeting was organized when they presented the materials to their colleagues. All 17 PPT presentations were put together in a final product to be used with students even after the end of the partnership. Teacher: Sorina Monica Andrei 11. Modern air tourist transport On January 22nd 2013, Daniela Varvaruc, teacher of tourism organized a lesson about how people use planes as means of transport nowadays. Students learned about modern aviation, tourist transport by plane, advantages of transport by plane, the importance of aviation for our lives, airline companies etc. Students practiced the procedure for buying a plane ticket online. 12. Motivation to fly In February 2013, Bogdan Petrache, teacher of Psychology, organized a lesson about peoples motivation to fly and he discussed with pupils why people have always wanted to rise themselves from the ground, to go beyond their limits, to feel free to dream and turn their dreams into reality. There was also a PPT presentation to help students identify the human motivation to fly. 13. Nonverbal communication in human being-alien meeting Nonverbal communication is the easiest way for us to communicate with people who don't speak our language. Gestures, mimics, looks and facial expressions don't involve verbal communication, but it may help us communicate even with aliens came from the outer space - this is the message of our students who tried to act out their meeting with some aliens. Teachers Ana-Maria Tanase and Bogdan Petrache helped them prepare this activity. The video made during this activity can be seen at the following link: 14. THE KITE game, construction and joy On the 14th and 21st of February, the pupils from the 5th, 6th and 8th grades built kites from different materials and fabrics. They were launched outside in the schoolyard, and students enjoyed the activity and found out interesting information about the Icarus legend and what flight means to mankind. Teacher: Preda Cosmin 15. Solar system, planets and satellites In February 2013, Cristian Voicu, Geography teacher, has organized a lesson about the Solar System, planets and satellites. He presented a PPT material, then pupils had to use art and crafts to design the Solar System and the Sun. They worked in groups happily, cut and glued the cardboard and threads and they were very proud of their final products which will be used in the years to come at the Geography lessons. 16. Aviation history First steps into modern days of aviation On the 5th of March 2013, Marilena Jigaila, Economics teacher, has organized a lesson in which pupils have learned about ancient legends of humans about creatures who could fly, about the history of flight in different cultures, how people could fly at the beginning, first attempts to fly, pioneers of aviation, first planes etc. There were four interesting videos and a PPT presentation about flight made by 10th graders for their colleagues. 17. Flight history Prehistoric enigmas of flying On the 21st of March, Preda Cosmin, History teacher, has organized an activity with students from the 6th grade and he has presented a PPT material about prehistoric enigmas of flying and Aeronautics and Astronautics relics that had been found in various places on Earth. Also, students were asked to make models of aircrafts (planes, rockets, flying saucers), working individually or in teams. There was a great exhibition organised with all their products and everybody could admire students models. 18. The modern air transport aircraft types and their uses On the 26th of March, the Tourism teacher Daniela Varvaruc has organized a lesson to inform students from the 6th grade about air transport in terms which could be easily understood by pupils. They were very curious about, interested in and attracted to the topic of the lesson. A PPT material was presented to support the ideas presented. There was also developed a debate on what air transport means, advantages and disadvantages. 19. Flying Applications of physics and mechanical laws During this activity, which took place on the 29th of March, 6th and 8th graders have experimented the gravitational law through activities like: Why objects fall down?; What object falls faster?; Make a rocket. Also, they learned about well-known scientists like Aristotel, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton and they were told interesting information about what Physics means for modern aviation, laws of Physics and Aerodynamics used in building planes (Coanda effect) and why planes fly. The video made during the activity can be seen at the following link: Teacher: Nicoleta Marin 20. Constellations a creative workshop activity This activity took place on March 23rd with students from 6th and 13th grades who learned about the stars people can see on the sky at night, groups of stars forming constellations and about what ancient astronomers imagined seeing on the sky: people, animals and mythological creatures. The pupils experienced the uniqueness of constellations building models of the most important constellations using paper and cardboard. Teacher: Cristian Voicu Sorina Monica Andrei 21. The model plane enthusiasts On the 22rd of March, the pupils from the 4th grade and their teacher Maria Visan, took part in a transdisciplinary activity about aviation enthusiasts and how model planes can be built. They visited the model plane department from Children Palace where they learned how to build a simple model aircraft. After this visit, back to school, students built their own little aircrafts under the guidance of their teacher. Teacher: Maria Visan 22. Little aircraft models workshop activity On the 25th of March, the pupils from the 4th grade, after their visit to Children Palace from Ploiesti, back to school and under the guidance of their teacher, built their own small airplanes and organised an interesting exhibition in the schools hall to present the products to their colleagues. Teacher: Maria Visan 23. Visits to important places related to aviation Bucharest - April 2013 Teachers: Monica Andrei activity coordinator Daniela Varvaruc activity coordinator Marilena Jigaila Cosmin Preda Cristian Voicu Adriana Simion Corina Otelea 24. The visit to ROMAERO plane factory (02.04.2013) Pupils and teachers visited ROMAERO plane fact