Principles of Content Editing for Content Writers

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  • ROLE OF AN EDITOR Make sure that the content is written according to the specifications of the client.There are no grammatical or spelling errors.Formatting for the article is right.The word count has been met.Rectifying the sentences not rewriting them.

    Remember you are the last person seeing the article before the client sees it!

  • TYPES OF EDITINGMaking Small Changes To Make The Article Read Good Just adjust a few words, shuffle them here and there, and make good article out of an average article, great article out of a good article. This requires a very good command over the language as well as an in depth understanding of the language. As there is not much writing needed so the time for editing is reduced.

    Rewriting Parts of Article At times you will require rewriting major parts of the article. In such cases either the write is badly written or the editor is less acquainted with the niche subject that the article deals in. As there is a lot of writing required so the time consumed is more.

    Remember you are chopping and changing someoneelses hard work and creativity so try and keep it the workof the writer and not yours!

  • READING THE DETAILS FORMUnderstand the scope of the project.Gain Knowledge about the niche business of the client.Know what the target audience is. Writing differs from one age group to the other.Understand the language that will best suit the client (whether it should be UK English or US English).Word Count as desired by the client.

  • BUDDY CHECKING/PROOF READING Basically a write up has to be thoroughly read thrice to reach a perfectly edited copy.First step is Proof Reading.You go through the write up and highlight the sentences or words that you would like to change.Also see whether the keywords are properly inserted or not and if they are making a logical meaning.Also check whether the punctuation marks are properly inserted or not.Some of the typo errors can be rectified in this step.

  • EDITING THE CONTENT/STEP 2Start reading the write up once again. Start making changes to the highlighted portions.Special Emphasis should be given on the introduction and conclusion of the write ups. These have maximum appeal to the readers.If the sentences are more than 2 lines then break them up. If a sentence in the middle portion of the article is very impressive it can be inserted in the Introduction or conclusion of the article.

  • FINAL READ/ STEP 3This is a cautionary read.In this phase the main job of the editor is to see whether the format of the write up is proper.Check whether the alignment is proper, there are any extra spaces.Whether all the keywords have been properly highlighted or not.Check if keywords have been used in ratio of 3%.