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  • 1. Tidewater Community College Marsha Butler Kwame Edusei Jessica Garber Frank Walton

2. Prezi allows for the creation of unique diagrams and templates. Sample Tools: Cause & Effect Diagrams- allows one to analyzes complex situations in a method that clarifies what the main issues are. Bubble Diagrams- two dimensional illustrations linking ideas to a common thread. Timeline Modeling Provides animation allowing the audience to follow events or ideas chronologically. 3. Flow Diagrams Show relationships between ideas. Zoom Allows the presenter to focus on a main or central idea at any given time during the presentation. Infinite usable canvas space Engages the audience. 4. Click New Prezi Select a Template Click Use Template 5. Free and web-based Easy to use; no drawing skills needed User friendly Media files can be added Image Audio Video Can be embedded into Webpages & Blogs Capable of having movement actually become part of the presentation Zooming 6. Higher learning curve Different user interface than PowerPoint Group collaboration can be more difficult Cannot print handouts Graphic capabilities are limited Work is done online, unless you purchase the paid version Can cause headaches/motion sickness 7. Technological tools for visual presentation offer students ways to experiment with the use of graphics that aid in understanding subject matters and promote motivation to engage in learning. Technological tools can also offer educators effective ways to reach different types of learners and assess a students understanding through multiple means. It can also enhance the relationship between teacher and student. Prezi is one of the best technological Web-based programs that allow students and teachers to create graphic presentations that can consist of a variety of content. 8. Tip # 1: Consider your content Prezi has a judicious blend of text, images, diagrams and video that can be used simultaneously. Tip # 2: Create a rough Blueprint before building your Prezi Sketch a basic outline of presentation structure and proposed arrangement of components before completing a canvas. Tip # 3: Choose your design theme early Create the design before arranging your components on the canvas. Tip # 4: Design BIG and use changes of scale Make use of the entire canvas by using different size fonts so that there is space in between your contents. 9. Tip # 5: Design to minimize fast motion Be mindful of creating content with a lot of animation consistent zooming and rotation can cause disorientation. Tip # 6: Use hidden frames to reduce clutter This will help you organize and zoom in on content without adding a visual frame. Tip # 7: Understand how Prezi effects image resolution Be mindful that your images can become distorted if magnified . Therefore understanding how Prezis image resolution works can help with clear images. 10. Edutopia Staff. (2008). Why Integrate Technology into The Curriculum. Edutopia. Retrieved from Hamilton, M. (2012). 7 Best Practices for Making Great Prezi Presentations. Teaching With Technology Today, 4(9). Retrieved from PreziTutorial: My First Prezi. (2014). PreziTutorial, Simple Steps to a Great Prezi. (2014). Prezi Tutorial: Import From Powerpoint. (2014). Prezi Advantages and Disadvantages (2012). Prezi Presentations (2014).