Presentation on Excellence in Water Management by Aban Power Company Limited

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This is a presentation from Aban Power Company Limited, one of the finalists at the 5th CII-GBC National Award for Excellence in Water Management in 2008 The awards are in 2 categories, Within the Fence for work done on minimizing the organisations water footprint, and Beyond the Fence for work done in the community around the industry. This presentation was in the "Within the Fence" category. We thank CII and the respective companies for giving us permission to upload these presentations on the India Water Portal website for dissemination to a wider audience.

Text of Presentation on Excellence in Water Management by Aban Power Company Limited

  • 1. A Presentation onEXCELLENCE IN WATER MANAGEMENT2008By ABAN POWER COMPANY LIMITED1 12/9/2008 Aban CII_wate r Award 08 COMPANY PROFILEPart of LANCO group Independent Power Project (IPP) with Natural gas based Combined cycle power plant of Capacity 119.8 MWH Established thro InternationalCompetitive Bidding (ICB) route Power supply to the TNEB Grid on Long-term basis 2 12/9/2008 Aban CII_wate r Award 08

2. CDM APPROVED Smoke free chi m ne y ABAN is the First project in the world for a gas based combined cycle power plant to obtain CDM tag under AM 0029 methodology. Registered as CDM Project with UNFCCC on 29th May 2007 VER 2005 68946 CER 2006 213891 CER 2007 215925312/9/2008 Aban CII_wate r Award 08 ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 CERTIFIED412/9/2008 Aban CII_wate r Award 08 3. N ATUR ALGAS PROCESS FLOW G ENER ATORCTG FLUE G AS TOGAS TU RBINE ATM OSPH ERE AIR HR G S FLUE GAS TOHRS GBY PASS S TACK M AIN STAC KSTEA M TO BL TU RBINE O STGW D OFEED W WATER TONHRS G GT WAS H / C TGUA RD PO ND BLO W DO WNC OND ENSATE AIR CO OLED C OND ENSO R BAC K TO H RSG HOTWELL SO LAR EVAPO RATO N PO NDSWATER F OM RR.O PLANTTWAD BO RAD D . PLANTMM AKE UP TO HRSGREJ ECTS TO PERM EATE - FO RSO LAR PO NDSRECY CLE5 12/9/2008 Aban CII_wate r Award 08WATER CONSERVATION PROJECTS DESIGNSTAGE Air Cooled Dry Low NOX CondenserSav ings in m3/yrSav ings in m3/yr 2006-07 : 148750 2006-07 : 2061368 2007-08 : 148750 2007-08 : 2142673RWHP18,000 m3/yr6 12/9/2008 Aban CII_wate r Award 08 4. DRY LOW NOx BURNERS TYP ICAL PO W ER P LANTABAN Re marks Supe r he ate d Ste am is No steam or No Saving on natural consume d for re ducing the DM wate rre source s NO x le ve l Minimum 45 ppm of NO xMaximum of 20Ne w standard / be nch le ve l in the emission e ven ppm of NO x in the mark after Wate r or steam e mission. inje ction About 1402 kg/day of NO x About 374 kg/day Le ss pollution be tte r e mitte d in the flue gas of NO x is onlye nvironment e mitte d 425 MT/d of steam isNo nee d of ste am State of the art nee de d for re ducing NOxor water technology le ve l to 45 ppm (max) Efficie ncy is less Highly e fficie nt Profit and saving on (more than 47 %) Aban CII_wate r Award 08 natural resource s. DRY LOW NOx BURNERSTYPICAL POWER ABAN RemarksPLANT Cost of ste am injection would NIL tre atme nt cost so No impact on re sult in 4.52 crore s pe r savings is 4.52 crore s e nvironment annum approx pe r annum approx Re duction in DM wate r consumption is 335 DM wate r wate r ltrs / MWH consumption is NILconsumptionlitres / MWHEn vironme ntalinvestment can Cost of the proje ct Cost of the proje ctbe paid back Additional to existing HRSG Rs.16 crores approxZe ro discharge pipingof e fflue nts Efflue nt gene ration in theNo ge ne ration of was possible steam or DM wate re ffluent productionAban CII_wate r Award 08 5. DRY LOW NOx BURNERS MethodPeriod Saving of water DLN B URNERS FOR GAS 2005 2006 102000 m3 Rs. 307.2 TURBINE (eigh t mon ths Lakhsof operation) Selected a GT with DLN burners (GE 6FA Gas2006 2007 148750 m3 Rs. 448 Turbine) in place ofLakhs conventional turbine wi thout DLN Result: Savings include s the2007-2008 148750 m3 Rs. 448 cost of production for ste am using DM wate r, fue l,Lakhs chemical dosing and handling of e fflue nt gene ration & reduce d e miss ion, water9 conservat ion 12/9/2008 Aban CII_wate r Award 08AIR COOLED CONDENSERS Method PeriodSaving of w aterAIR COOLED 2005 2006 1353056 m 3 Rs. 406 CONDE NSERS (eigh t mon ths Lakhsof operation)Installed Air Cooled 2006 2007 2061368 m 3 Rs. 618 Condensers in place of conventional cooling towers LakhsResult: Consumpti on is 102 litres/MWH instead of 2500 2007-2008 2142673 m 3 Rs. 642 lit/MWHLakhs10 12/9/2008Aban CII_wate r Award 08 6. AIR COOLED HEAT EXCHANGERSMethod Period Saving of w aterAIR COOLED HEAT 2005 200636000 m 3 Rs. 10.80 EXCHANGERS (eigh t mon ths of Lakhs operation ) Installed Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHE) for2006 2007 51000 m 3 Rs. 15.30 Closed Cooling water Lakhs system (CCW) in pl ace of conventional cooling towers using water resource.2007-2008 51000 m 3 Rs. 15.30 Result: Consumption is Lakhs almost NIL requirement of water; hence saving of 6.07 m 3 /Hr 12/9/2008 Aban CII_wate r Award 08 11RAIN WATER HARVESTING PONDMethodPeriodSaving of w ater Storm water reservoir Rs. 10.8 18000 KL approximateLakhs capacity with 9 percolation Proactive pits. practice Utilizing this water as and to enrich2006-07 &36000 m 3 when required for water maintaining: 2007-08table 14985 trees, 22000 shrubs 11000 hedges 15000 Sq Mt of Lawn 1212/9/2008Aban CII_wate r Award 08 7. WATER CONSERVATION PROJECTS CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT Auxiliary Cooling WaterSav ings in m3/yr2006-07 : 32402007-08 : 3240 Reverse Osmosi sSav ings in m3/yr 2006-07 : 2448 2007-08 : 3366 1312/9/2008 Aban CII_wate r Award 08IMPROVEMENT IN R.O RECOVERY Method Period Saving of w aterR.O PLANT Pre treatment- 2006-07 2448 m 3 Rs. 0.74 Feed pH brought downLakhs from 7.0-7.5 to 6.0-6.2 by acid treatment thereby2007-083366 m 3 Rs. 1.01 keeping LS I close to zero or Lakhs slightly negati ve Result : Per meate increased by 0.9 m3 /hr1412/9/2008 Aban CII_wate r Award 08 8. R.O Improved performance after pretreatmentmodificationEFFLUENT fro m DM ACW, BOILE RDMPLANT PL ANT N PITBLOW DOWN HRSG SUMP HCLDMFFeCl3 POLY C. F GUA RDPOND SETT LING TANK HP PU MP REJE CTR.O SKID PERME ATE R.O Treatment after modi fications 15 12/9/2008 Aban CII_wate r Award 08C.T COC INCREASEMethod PeriodSaving of w aterBy Increase in Cycle of2006-07 & 6480 m 3 Rs. 3.45 Concentration COC in 2007-08Lakhs Auxiliary Cooling Tower from 5 COC to 8 COC Result: A) Reduction in consumption of water by 270 M3/ Month B) Cost saving in reduction of chemical treatment Rs. 6044 per month16 12/9/2008 Aban CII_wate r Award 08 9. Raw Water Con sumption 1200010000 8000 in Kl6000 4000 2000 0 05 5 06 6 6 0707 08 77 808 07 08 06506678-0r- 0-0r -0-0-0 -0 -0 r-0 -0 n- n- n- g- g- g- b- b- g- b- ecct ec ecctctctApApApJuJuJuAuAuAuAuFeFeFeOOOODDD Mont hs Aban CII_wate r Award 08 SPECIFIC WATER CONSUMPTION Year Annual Water Generation M 3/ Consumption (MWh) MWh(M 3)2005 06 45200 564298.49 0.08 (8 months) 2006 - 0745270 858903.454 0.0572007 - 0825390 893525.054 0.028418 12/9/2008 Aban CII_wate r Award 08 10. SPECIFIC WATER CONSUMPTIONSpecific Water Consumption0. m3/MWH0. 2006-07 2007-08 Year 19 12/9/2008Aban CII_wate r Award 08 R e c yc le d /Unit G e n e ra tio n in M 3 /M W H 0.0 450.0 40 0 .03 80.0 350.0 300.0 25 0.025 0.0250.0 200.0 150.0 100.0 050.0 00 2 005 -0 620 06-0 720 07-08 Yea r Aban CII_wate r Award 08 11. GOOD G REE N GOVE RNA NCE A WARD - 2007 Aban CII_wate r Award 08 CII ENE RGY EFFICIE NT UNIT AWA RD - 2008 Aban CII_wate r Award 08 12. IN A NUT SHELL The project was implemented with: v Zero Discharge facility v R.O plant to recycle the effluents & rejects to solar evaporation ponds v GT with DLN burners does not require steam or water vEnergy and water saving A.C.C & A.C.H.E system in place of conventional cooling towers vISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Certified v CDM Approved Project2312/9/2008 Aban CII_wate r Award 08 Thanks2412/9/2008 Aban CII_wate r Award 08