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Education (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) Student Life - Facilities - Student Support Campuses of TEI Crete Identity & Mission TEI of Crete Management Extroversion and Partnerships Research - Innovation - Technology Transfer Contribution to Local & Regional Development Awards www.teicrete.gr

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Schools and Departments

School of Management and EconomicsDepartment of Business Administration and Tourism (Heraklion)Department of Accounting & Finance (Heraklion)Department of Business Administration and Informatics (Agios Nikolaos)Department of Marketing (Ierapetra)

School of Agricultural and Food TechnologyDepartment of Nutrition and Dietetics (Siteia)Department of Agricultural Technology (Heraklion)

School of Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering (Heraklion)Department of Informatics Engineering (Heraklion)Department of Mechanical Engineering (Heraklion)Department of Civil Engineering (Heraklion)

School of Health and Welfare Services Department of Social Work (Heraklion)Department of Nursing (Heraklion)

School of Applied SciencesDepartment of Electronic Engineering (Chania)Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering (Chania)Department of Music Technology and Acoustics (Rethymno)

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Postgraduate Programmes


Master in “Plasma Physics & Applications"

Master in “Informatics & Multimedia”

Master in “Advanced Production Systems, Automation and Robotics”

Master in “Applied Science and Technology in Agriculture”

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Master in “Accounting & Auditing”

Master in “Geoenvironmental Resources & Risks” Master in “Energy Systems”

Master in “Organization and Management for Engineers”

Postgraduate Programmes

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Student life - Student Benefits

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Accomodation - Catering www.teicrete.gr/merimna

Central Library-Libraries in Faculties & Departments www.lib.teicrete.gr

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Healthcare Services

Advice Center

Group activities (Theatrical Group, Radio station etc.)

Benefits to Students

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Benefits to Students

Gymnasium of High Standards

Sports Gym Basketball Volleyball Football Swimming Traditional Dancing Aerobic Gymnastics, Martial Arts (Judo / Self-defense) Training Room (Weights) Ping-Pong Rehabilitation Programs after injury Rehabilitation Programs for people with musculoskeletal disorders

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Employment & Career Structure (DASTA)

Career Office (GD)

Traineeships Office (PΑ)Entrepreneurship & Innovation Office


Benefits to Students

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Benefits to Students

International Relations Office (Erasmus)

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Services of TEI Crete• Students’ e-mail• Online documents and

applications• Services from Networks’

Center (upload, VPN etc)• Wireless Access to

EduRoam (Global roaming service)

• Internship positions• Blogs for students• Forums• Access to electronic

library services• Students’ news• Electronic Calendar

Services of others• Acquisition Student Identity• ΕUDOXOS: Textbooks for

students • PITHOS: 50 GB in cloud • Access to Scopus database• Microsoft's Academic

licenses for TEI of Crete• Microsoft software for

educational use• Access to Forrester database• Access to Science Direct

database• Open Access to Academic

Courses (continuously enriched)

• Applications to Erasmus – Mundus programme

My.teicrete.gr (e-Services platform)

Findhome.teicrete.gr (Accommodation Service)

Benefits to Students

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Greenhouse & Research Facilities of the farm of School of Agricultural and Food Technology Research Facilities of the Wind-Farm Laboratories in many fields (Robotics, Multimedia, Plant Biotechnology & Physiology etc.) Technology Research Centre School Of Lifelong Learning

Supporting Services

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Main Campus of ΤΕΙ Crete (Heraklion)

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Identity & Mission

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies

in Technology and Applied Sciences

Research and Development,


The direct contribution to the

development of the economy and society of Crete and the country

more widely

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Management Structure

Professor Evangelos KapetanakisRector of TEI Crete

Professor Kostas SavakisVice President of TEI Crete, Responsible for Finance and Student Care.

Associate Professor Emmanouil TsiknakisVice President of TEI Crete, Responsible for R&D, Technology and Knowledge Transfer.

Associate Professor Ioannis Kopanakis, Vice President of TEI Crete, Responsible for Academic Affairs & International Relations

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Erasmus Programme:

o Bilateral agreements with over 250 Universities across Europe

o Exchanges of students, teaching and administrative staff

o Erasmus Summer Schools (Erasmus & IKY)

Simulation Games: "Joint Effort 2015” etc.

Summer Shool (ΙΚΥ, Germany-DAAD and Regensburg University)

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Extroversion-Collaborations Number of research publications with international collaboration during 1998-2012

1st in Publications with international cooperation (ΕΚΤ)

Page 23: Presentation of TEI Crete

Joint publication in scientific-Engineering

Technology area (2004-2011)

Cooperation between bodies of the regional innovation system of Crete

Source: Study "Promotion Technology & Knowledge in Crete Innovation System", ETAM SA & Innovatia Systems, 2012


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Energy, Conventional and Alternative forms

Graphene and other new materials Development of flexible organic solar provisions based on derivatives of Graphene and metallic nanoparticles.

Information technology, Multimedia and Telecommunications

Applications in areas such as culture, tourism, learning & primary sector, social networks, health & transport.

Management of Natural Resources and Environment

Electronics, Robotics, Laser Applications

Biotechnology, Genetic Material for Crops

Behavior of People in extremely low temperatures, Hyper-

liquidity Bose Einstein Condensates

Fields of Research

Page 26: Presentation of TEI Crete

Fields of Research

Geophysics and Seismology Plant Protection and Ecotoxicology

Material Recycling and Water Economy

Social Work, Human Health/Nutrition

Photovoltaic, Wind Systems, Networks and High Voltage Insulation.

Nano-materials for Energy and Environmental Applications

and Optoelectronics

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Research ExcellenceEvaluation of published research during 1998-2012 (National Documentation Centre)o 1st in number of research citationso 2nd in impact indexo 3rd in total citations among the 16 country TEI.o Surpasses 8 universities

TEI Crete implements many Greek and international competing programs. ≈30% of the budget comes from research projects. Many collaborations with Greek and foreign Universities

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TEI Crete participates in new proposals for creating and operating large research infrastructures:


o HELLAS-NRI (HIPER ELI Laserlab National Research Infrastructure).

o BBMRI-GR (Biobanking & Biomolecular Resource Infrastructure-Greece).

o Future Greece (Inter-regional facility for future & emerging materials).

o CMBR (Centre for the study & sustainable exploitation of Marine Biological Resources).

TEI Crete participates in the biggest EU research programme producing flexible organic electronics with Graphene: Graphene Flagship

Research Excellence

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Company Spin-off: Portable Recycling organic solids.Wind maps and wind generatorsMobile laboratory measurements of electromagnetic radiationsUnit testing efficiency chemical reactions-& field: European system of

authorizations.Earthquakes Network in Crete.Robotic system for greenhouse work.Innovative photovoltaic drive system.Innovative materials for decontamination. Industrial system for assessing human walking Applications and services in

tourism (eiKones)In The Primary Sector:

Innovative approaches to controlling olive fly Renewal or replacement of Cretan vineyard Applications for tracking in the primary sector

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Department of Informatics – Simon Fraser University, Canada (exploitation of innovative PC hardware developed in TEI of Crete)

Department of Agricultural Technology - FYTRO SEED S.A. (exploitation of propagating material)

In discussions about other copyright assignment agreements (materials, nanotechnology, computer science).

Memorandum(MoU) between TEI Crete – University of Crete and AGAS Group for industrial-scale production of advanced building materials and technologies.

Patents and technology transfer

Page 31: Presentation of TEI Crete

Contribution to Development

Page 32: Presentation of TEI Crete

Significant cooperation agreements providing services to local business community and other stakeholders.

oProgrammatic agreement with the Region for the implementation of the project “Agricultural production with solar energy"

oProgrammatic agreement with the municipality of Tripoli, “Development of an integrated management system for municipal solid waste”, Dep. of Agricultural Technology)

oVR production: “Evolution of the region of Minoan Palace and Crete through the centuries”, Company Koinopoli Plus. P.e., Dep. of Engineering Informatics

Participation in research for Station of high voltage ' TALOS ' in Linoperamata, Crete, Dep. of Electrical Engineering

Contribution to the Local regional development &

Page 33: Presentation of TEI Crete

Participation in the shareholders of “Agricultural Center of

Innovation & Entrepreneurship” that involves:

Business Innovation Center

The Incubator Rural & Business Units

Interactive Education Center Training

e-Marketing Conference for Business: the first e-Marketing

Conference in Crete

Advanced discussions for the development of a system for the

«Seismological monitoring of water dams in the region»

Contribution to the Local regional development &

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Awards-Recognition of TEI Crete

Founding Chair of UNESCO: “Solid Earth Physics & Geohazards Risk Reduction” Silver Award from the European Commission as one of the three top European institutions of Higher Education for their activities in the framework of the ERASMUS Programme. Diploma Supplement Label Incorporated into the Book of Best Practices for Higher Education Reform in Europe Coordinating two postgraduate curriculum development projects with other European countries and to continue apace ERASMUS+ actions for the mobility of students and teaching staff, exceeding targets by 47%.

Page 36: Presentation of TEI Crete

Awards-Honors Student Foundation & Members

Erasmus Academic Minister (European Association of Erasmus Coordinators)

VIP articles (inside front covers) in journals: Advanced Functional Materials and Advanced Optical Materials (Wiley Online Library)

Scholarships Angelopoulos Fellowship @Clinton Global Initiative University (2 consecutive years)

Scholarship in Summer Institute for European Student Leaders on Social Entrepreneurship Fulbright

EU Prize For Cultural Heritage Europa Nostra Students of TEI of Crete were selected for

participation in National Action «Lab Workshop»