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A presentation given at the institutional Web Managers Workshop 2012 (#IWMW).The session was aimed at providing some useful resources for the HE sector exploring mobile in their institutional context, and provide an opportunity for sharing practice and experiences.

Text of Preparing for Mobile

  • 1. Monday 18th June, IWMW EdinburghPresenter or main titleSession Title or subtitlePreparing for MobileBen Showers, JISC Programme Manager

2. IntroductionsOutline 3. Ben Showers Digital Infrastructure @benshowersAmber ThomasDigital 4. Presentation (20 mins)Group activity (45 mins)Groups present back (20 mins) Outline... 5. 11% of people check email onOn average,their phone while engaged inKorean teensintimate behavioureach send over200k textmessages a year 80% of textmessages sent 79% of people use theirmobile while on the toiletin Japan areunsolicited stats... 6. strategy 7. Focus on what you arent ready foremployees to do with mobile devicesBelshaw, Doug 2011 Horizon Scan DigitalMobile andReportMonographsWirelessOne year or less: TechnicalTechnologiesMobileLandscapeReviewJISC TechwatchJISC (2011)JISC InfoNet (2011) (2011) 8. designanddelivery 9. Responsive design, adaptivedesign, progressive enhancementand progressive disclosure ...Power, MarkDelivering web tomobileKelly, BrianHTML5 case studies JISC Digital Media Mobile learning for Education Power, Mark Mobile web apps 10. tools &techniques 11. A determined soul will do more with a rusty monkey wrench than a loafer will accomplish with all the tools in a machine shop. Digital Humanities Summer Institute Creating MobileJISC AppsMobile LearningJISC Projects ProjectsMobile CampusAssistantWalking throughtimeJISC LegalMobile technologies andthe Law 12. Group discussion/presentations Design andTools andStrategyDeliverytechniques 13. 2 minute synopsis ofdiscussion Top 3 tips Top disruptor in next 2-3years (trend ortechnology)