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Pp1 evaluation question 4

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EvaluationQuestion 4

Who would be the audience for your media product?

Originally, my initial idea was to target young adults of both genders aged between 14 and 18 who like the rock pop genre.

I am sticking with this initial idea as I feel my magazine fulfils the needs of this audience.

Front cover I feel that my front cover is focused on targeting my chosen audience. This is because the magazine appears slightly informal and relaxed portraying my target audiences attitude. My chosen colour scheme not only represents the genre; but also represents the age of my target audience as they are young and full of life like the bright colours I have used. It is not uniform and doesn't not use a boring colour scheme such as white and black which is more associated with magazines for the older generation. Moreover, it represents both genders as the colour scheme is gender neutral and the coverlines are not girly gossip.

Contents PageAgain my contents page suits my target audience. The layout is informal and quirky whom I feel my target audience are like-relaxed and quirky. The actual text is also informal and contains humour which reflects my target audiences personality. Furthermore my colour scheme is gender neutral and so represents the target audience as being both male and female. The images connote the rock genre whilst some of the articles promote the pop genre and therefore it satisfies my chosen genre and target audience.

Double Page SpreadMy double page spread appeals more to those who like the rock genre rather than pop and this is purely because the band I interviewed were a rock band. However, it still satisfies both genders as even though the dark colours would appeal more to a male, the fact that the main image is of a female singer will appeal to the females. The article is informal and has a storyline format which makes it more suitable for young adults but also contains humour to mirror the tone set from the contents page.