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slides from a lecture to comm2322.wordpress.com class - 1 March 2010

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  • 1. POOL PEOPLE or getting to know the pool community

2. What is your main reason for using Pool?4%to get recognition from other users 6% to find other artists I can collaborate with 6% to feel part of a community 8% to find inspiration 10% other12%to get recognition from the ABC16%to give my work a chance of being used by the ABC38% Its a place to display my work 3. Pool has 1621172 have made registered users1055 comments10 people 10 comments 10 itemsaverage file size160 have never logged in484 have uploaded499680415kb 699kb129 have been active in the past 6 weeksaudio images42247 web links1928 items7924kbtext250 videos405kb 4. profile terms 5. search terms tags 6. Astrid Pool is a place for me to be discovered Astrid is a 21 year old from Mudgee, studyingdiscuss /talk journalism/media arts at UTS. She moved to the city aregistersubscribe few years ago, and uses sites like Facebook to share photos and to keep in touch with family and friends curateupload/submit from back home. During semester she doesn't get manysharedescribe browse chances to go home, but will go back for long periods of viewcommenttime during her holidays.She lives in a share house with 2 other students - there's low mediummasterno TV in the house, but they all have laptops. She andProductionher friends in Sydney often meet between classes and PCafter school, usually visiting the cafe Astrid works at. Info WebThey talk a lot about their uni work and other personal Social Web matters, but the topics of travel and career often comeup. Astrid has mentioned her plans to study abroad fora semester next year - an idea her friends areencouraging.After uni, she has her sights firmly set on a career in the media, and is trying to build a solid portfolio and gainABC some relevant experience before she finishes herstudies. She enjoys receiving constructive feedback,although she's always a little scared before showing her work to others.Pool 7. AlexPennyLaraKen has been working at Radio National Penny is a 44 year old producer for theLara is a 26 year old community Ken has taught media arts and desi nd in broadcasting for 20 yearsweekly program 360 on Radio National manager at Pool UTS for the past 6 years Astrid MollieSam Ruth rid is a 21 year old from Mudgee, Mollie is a 32 year old freelance film Sam is a 39 year old process engineer atRuth is a 58 year old semi-retired ying journalism/media arts at UTSproducer a Zinc refinary in Townsvilleteacher from Dandenong 8. collaborate inspirationch networkaborate media organiseresearch ideas evolve experienced contacts communitystrategyinspire answer meet relationships trends projects talk communicate relationships producementor communication trendsshed students well established net.art practice beforeLara is a community manager at Pool. She has a Pennyhas worked for the ABC for about 15 years, Alex has moved from junior positions to a aching. His students appreciate hisbackground in media and volunteers at the Starlightand has a good reputation both domestically and the ABC over the last 20 years, and has gained a practioner, especially when he invites Foundation where she helps to organise fund raisinginternationally. She is married to a painter who worksfor her work on various arts programs. Recent ioners to participate in seminars and classevents.from their home in Leichardt, and has 2 high school agedfound herself thinking less about program fea children. more about the strategic direction of Radio NaIn a typical day at the ABC she answers emails from Pool s close to uni, he regularly spends time inmembers, posts to the Pool blog, moderates content and Pennys job is to generate ideas for features, and to Throughout her career as a writer and sound a outh of the city, often with peers working onkeeps the community momentum going. She will also liasefollow through on the evolution and production of accumulated many contacts and friendships ine he began teaching its hard to find enoughwith producers and stakeholders about upcoming projects. these ideas into finished pieces. Penny will sometimescareer and emerging arts communities, and is on these projects.interview people on the street, collaborate with external for challenging the status quo.She regularly gives talks to external interest groups, and organisations, or team up with other producers.vel and occasionally works in Tokyo. When finds that people often ask her about getting involved.Her work brings her in contact with a range of will visit local institutions and lectureShe loves this part of her job because she feels like shesThese days, the majority of her modest budget is spent in organizations, and a significant part of her job media art. He often collaborates with hismaking a difference. studio production time, but she still makes the occasionalabout fostering these relationships.peers. research trip. She generally works autonomously, and often finds herself mentoring the various contributors involved with her projects.a great place for my studentsPool is my communityPool is a place for me Pool is a place to enab ngage with the real world to tap creativity great relationships learn ous cate listensharing rallyinglisten reputation aspiring career create community stories historywatch trends collaborate meet share talk ss non-technicaldocumenting family professional trackportfoliofeedbackcommunity keen listener of both ABC Local and RadioSam moved to Darwin from Greece when he was 4Mollie shares studio space with four friends whoAstrid moved to the city a few years ago,re she regularly catches shows like Hindsight,years old. Soon after arriving his family witnessed Cyclonealso work in the film industry. She tends to work sites like Facebook to share photos and to kee arvision and The Book Show. She has been Tracy, an event that left a lasting impression on him. For autonomously, but collaborates with her studio-mateswith family and friends from back home. She l 0 years, and has a son in his late twentieshis 10th birthday he was given a tape recorder, and in the when her workload increases.share house with 2 other students - theres noIT - something she finds useful when shesyears after he recorded the recollections of family andhouse, but they all have laptops. She is a member of Screenhub, but typically gets work uter troubles. friends about that infamous Christmas day. from word-of-mouth recommendations. She works hard to She and her friends in Sydney often meet betw work at the language school she hasSince then, he has amassed a collection of stories frommaintain her reputation as professional and reliable. She and after school, where they talk about uni wo many different cultures. An influx of Nigerian his personal life and the greater community. When an has a keen interest in emerging trends in technology andand their careers. Astrid has mentioned her pled a curiosity in Ruth, which culminatedidea strikes him, he has no hesitation in rallying groupsthe media, and regularly scours the internet for new blogsabroad for a semester next year - an idea her f g Nigeria with students in 2008 - her firstof people around a vision - his motivation and enthusiasmand works. She is a heavy user of RSS.encouraging.trip. She was amazed by what she saw, and are infectious. She doesnt put work online as she often has limited rights After uni, she has her sights firmly set on a ca photos as she could.Sam is now married with 2 young children. He hopes thatto the commercial work shes done. She is hesitant to media, and is trying to build a solid portfolio ay her family and friends reactions, Ruth his collection of written and audio stories help them andpublish other works as they are usually less polished, andrelevant experience before she finishes her stu her photos to tell stories and educate the future generations understand more about him. He often publishing these could effect her reputation. enjoys receiving constructive feedback, althounity about Nigerian culture. Shes lookingtells his kids: Not sharing your stories is the most selfishalways a little apprehensive before showing he arning more technical and story-telling skills thing you can do. others.understanding and acceptance of these new members. Pool is the place for mePool is a time capsule forPool is a place to see whats Pool is a place for me 9. Pool... a mental model know when people look at my worklook at other see what's onTell a story Make a projectpeople's workthe front page link to mylook at other create anhost acontribute to a browse a build a work from people'sarchiveconversationprogram project reputation elsewhereprofiles create new downloadbookmark comment ondescribe learn how to Makecurateshare otherclassify myUpload Access the ABC ways to share ideas fill timeinteresting things to come someone else's myself tosee what's cool make my work something newsubmissions people's work contentcontent archivesconnect to work back for work and ideasothersbetter audiences receive get to knowaccess skills &find somethingclassify find out about mentorfollow up aftercollaborate on Find people to watch or listenbelong to adisplay myfeedback onthe peoplecapacity get my workremix stuffI'm interested share my workrate contentsomeone else's newemerginga radio a project work withto content community work my work andbehind theoutside the on the ABC in content submissionsmedia creators programideas work ABC connectextend thecollaborate on find stuff I'mflag stuff as belong to aput my stuff in feedback onget to know see what's develop as a get my stuffmake stuff make a projectlook at stuff share stuff classify stuff through otherreach of the a project interested ininterestingcommunity the poolworkpeoplehappeningprofessionalon the ABCmediaABC produce something gather interesting stuff belong to a media communitybe a part of the ABCSubmit my Set my defaultContact poolSubmit my Subscribe to Text-basedJoin Pool Comment on Read a user Read the Pool Create