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How to start podcasting - planning, mics, audio-editing, hosting, embedding your sound file, posting, and shownotes for getting found in searches.

Text of Podcasting Quick Start

  • Quick Start PodcastingJoan Vinall-Cox, Ph.D.2014

  • Creating a PodcastHistory - RhetoricPreparation 5 StepsRecording Tools and TipsEditing Audacity & TutorialsPosting Blog + SoundCloud = Embed

  • RhetoricFirst record of codified human communication skillsoral / auralImpact of voice and words in art of persuasion Aristotle recorded techniques in text for live speakingContext known place and audience - so speaker could adjust while speaking

  • Recorded RhetoricAudience, place, and time heard unknownSpeakers knowledge of audience context limited or non-existentAudience needs must be built-in prior to recording, editing and postingIncreases planning requirementsCompensations for sound not being liveMusic, sound effects, the mix

  • Aristotles Canon (for Podcasting)

    Invention Choose your topicThink about your potential audienceResearch for information, approachesArrangementStructure for the ear; short, simple sentences; clear, coherent, focussedUse a hook to start; grab the audience

  • Planning Your Podcast

  • Donna Papacosta Says:http://news.trafcom.com/2008/09/how-to-read-a-podcast-script-and-not-sound-like-youre-reading/

  • Recording Tools Mics

  • Recording Tool - MicsMicsSmart phones - recording appsEarbuds miciRig Mic around $60.00Works with recording apps and has its dedicated appMany laptops will record but can have poor sound without an attachable mic

  • More Recording Toolshttp://podcast.trafcom.com/podcasts/2008/11/trafcom-news-podcast-79-the-podcasters-toolkit

  • Interview ToolsF2f Face-to-Face interviews Mic handheld couple of inches below and in front of mouth - bestInterview via Skype http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/the-quickest-easiest-way-to-record-skype-calls-for-mac-and-windows/

  • Audio Editing Tool

  • Audio Editing - AudacityAny audio editing tool, ex. GarageBandORAudacity free audio editing softwarehttp://audacity.sourceforge.netGoogle for tutorials many available

  • Editing PodcastsPlan aheadOutline, but avoid scriptingHelps later with shownotesCut redundancies and stumblingCut most fillers - um, uh, like, etc.From Trafcom News - http://podcast.trafcom.com/podcasts/2007/08/show-61-trimmin

  • Safe CopyrightFind and use ONLY material music, sound effects, etc. that is copyright safe or freeCopyright-safe sounds and music https://creativecommons.org/legalmusicforvideos http://creativecommons.org/music-communities Research for more or create it

  • IntrosWhat introductions need -Immediately aurally recognizableSounds - consistent for whole seriesIntroduce current episodes topic(s)Podcaster introduces self

  • ExitsThank interviewees if any Mention their promotionsBriefly mention podcasters promotions Refer to links in shownotesInvite responsesInclude how to respond and whereThank audience and repeat your name

  • Saving Your Podcast

  • Exporting -> mp3http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-create-valid-mp3-files-with-audacity/

  • Hosting Your PodcastProfessional hosting Libsyn - $5 a month

    Free hostingSoundCloud - https://soundcloud.com YouTube You can include image(s) as well as audio

  • Posting Your PodcastSet up a blogBloggerWordPress.comEven TumblrEmbed your SoundCloud or YouTube hosted podcast!Share your link!!

  • A WordPress.com Example

  • A Tumblr Example

  • ShownotesIf you want your podcast(s) heard,write up shownotes on your blogWhy? - Google searches can find wordsMore reasons and howhttp://news.trafcom.com/2007/01/podcasting_secr_1-2/

  • Crafting a PodcastHistory Rhetoric oral / aural communicationPreparation Aristotles 5 CanonsRecording Tools and TipsAudio Editing and Mixing Audacity Google for TutorialsPosting Blog + SoundCloud => EmbedInclude shownotes for SEO

  • Donna Papacosta:Expert PodcasterMuch of what I cover comes from Donna Papacostas podcasts:http://podcast.trafcom.com/topics/podcasting-news-and-notesAnd her eBook on Podcasting The Podcast Scripting Bookhttp://www.amazon.ca/Podcast-Scripting-Book-Donna-Papacosta-ebook/dp/B00HKN9CV8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1391014684&sr=8-1&keywords=Donna+Papacosta

  • Stuck / Confused?Do what I do

    Google it!

  • Joan Vinall-Cox, Ph.D.Good Luck with Your Podcasting!