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  • 1.Navjot Hansra, Jeanette Jimenez, Roxanne Galdos, Cedric AdonaPeriod 6/7 S

2. Who?Plagiarizer: Barack ObamaVictim: Deval PatrickAccuser: Hillary Clinton 3. What?Barack ObamaplagiarizedMassachusettsGovernor DevalPatricks during his2008 PresidentialCampaign speech.He used words thathad been inGovernor Patricks2006 speech. 4. When/Where?Barack Obama delivered his plagiarized speech in Wisconsinon February 16, 2008 for his Presidential Campaign. 5. Why ? (was his speech plagiarized)Obama took direct quotes from Patrick and included them in his speech.We have nothing tofear, but fear itself, justwords. Ask not what yourcountry can do for you, askwhat you can do for yourcountry. Just words. Ihave a dream justwords. -Deval Patrick 6. How?(Did everyone react)Hillary Clinton and her campaign took this chance to chargeObama with plagiarism. 7. Obama defended his speech, saying that Patrick happened to be a goodfriend of his whocommunicated manythoughts and ideas with him. 8. The story had soonexploded across the nation, but not before GovernorPatrick appeared on ABCsGood Morning Americaand supported Obamasspeech and the campaigns use of his words. 9. Obama still admitted his mistake and realized he should have quoted Patrick. He (Patrick) had suggested we use these lines. I thoughtthey were good lines. Imsure I should have. Didnt thistime. 10. WORKS CITEDBailey, Jonathan. "The Obama Plagiarism Scandal." Plagiarism Today. Plagiarism Today, 20 Feb. 2008.Web. 28 Aug. 2012. .Ferri, Lisa, and Olivia Sterns. "Patrick: Plagiarism Accusation Against Obama Extravagant" ABC News.ABC News Network, 19 Feb. 2008. Web. 28 Aug. 2012..Kane, Solly. "Obama Accused Of Plagiarism In Speech." CBSNews. CBS Interactive, 11 Feb. 2009.Web. 28 Aug. 2012. .Spillius, Alex. "Hillary Clinton Accuses Obama of Plagiarism." The Telegraph. The Telegraph, 18 Feb.2008. Web. 28 Aug. 2012. .U.S. News Staff. "Clinton Aides Push Plagiarism Charge." US News. U.S.News & World Report, 19Feb. 2008. Web. 28 Aug. 2012. . 11. S