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<p>Pinterest in the Classroom</p> <p>Michelle Kurkul</p> <p>Pinterest in the ClassroomWhat is Pinterest?A visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for projects and ideasOnline Bulletin BoardPopular Uses: wedding planning, craft ideas, recipes, fashion, workouts</p> <p>2BasicsPin: visual bookmarks of stuff you like!Board: organize pins by theme or topicIndividual/UserRepinLike</p> <p>3How to Use It!Sign Up! </p> <p>4How to Use It!Explore things that interest you.Search for friends!Search for particular topics</p> <p>How to Use It!RepinOriginal Pin</p> <p>Uses in the Classroom1. Teachers Board</p> <p>Uses in the Classroom2. Classroom Board</p> <p>Uses in the Classroom3. Student Boards</p> <p>Pros: Why should you use Pinterest?Inspiration! Teachers and StudentsGood for Visual LearnersEasy access anywhereShared Boards/Secret BoardsComments</p> <p>Cons: Some Issues with Pinterest13 and up onlyNo RSS Feed</p>