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Pigment Orange 34 Saket Mulge – 13SUR1012 Tanmay Dhagaonkar – 13POL1010

Pigment Orange 34

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Pigment Orange 34Saket Mulge 13SUR1012Tanmay Dhagaonkar 13POL1010


IntroductionType : OrganicCI No. : 21115CAS No. : 15793-73-4EINECS No : 239-898-6Chemical Class : Disazo : Diarylide/PyrazoloneHue : Orange : Reddish orange to Bright orange

Mass ToneTint Tone

Tertazotized 3,3-dichlorobenzidine (3 methyl-1-p-tolyl-2-pyrazolin-5-one)2Chemical Composition (wt %)ElementWt %C62.67H4.30N17.20O4.92Cl10.91Total100.00

C34H28N8O2Cl2 - Molecular weight 651.54


CI NameXR1R2ShadeP.O. 13ClCH3HyellowP.O. 34ClCH3CH3YellowP.R. 38OCH3CH3CH3YellowP.R. 41ClCOOC2H5HRedP.R. 111OCH3HHRed

Raw material for synthesisPara tolyl pyrazolone

3,3-dichloro-4,4-diamino benzidine

Step 1:Diazotization reaction

NaNO2+HCl, 50C


Step 2: Coupling with Tolyl pyrazalone


Reflection curve

Reflection : 560- 640 nm

PropertiesMelting point: 320-350C Specific Gravity : 1.5Soluble matter in water: 1.5% max Oil absorption: 58 g/100 gmpH : 6-8 Moisture absorption : 1% Max Fastness to light: 5Fastness to heat(C): upto 180 0CHeat Stability : Stable upto 200 0C for Opaque and 120 0C for transparent grade.

Chemical Properties

PropertiesBleeding resistance toScaleLinseed oil1Acid5Alkali5Ethanol2Xylene1Ethyl Acetate4


Resistance toScaleXylene5Ethanol5Ethyl Acetate5MEK55 % HCL55 % NaOH5Soap Solution5


S - Suitable, L - Limited Use, N - Not recommended

PropertiesSpecific surface areas range from 15 sq.m/g in highly opaque types to 75 sq.m/g in transparent types.PO 34 prints are fast to paraffin, di-octoyl-phthalate and tolerate clear lacquer coatings.It may crystallize in many printing inks.Transparent PO 34 is somewhat sensitive to heat upto 100-140 C. Higher sterilization or metal decorative printing may cause a colour shift towards redder orange. They generally exhibit insufficient solvent fastness for decorative printing inks, especially monostyrene and acetone.

PropertiesIt also performs poorly as far as light fastness is concerned and bleeds into solutions of melamine resins, which precludes its use in such fields.Textile industry however uses it to an appreciable extent.Its dry cleaning solvent resistance is excellent and withstands exposure to dry heat upto 200C. It performs similarly with spin dyeing of polyacrylonitrile.It is used to colour plasticized PVC due to excellent light fastness (4 on blue wool scale)at levels above 0.1% else blooming takes place.At higher conc. The pigment tends to bleed but is considerably more stable to light than weaker PO 13.It is rarely used in polyolefins as it only withstands exposure to 200C, and its opaque colourations show insufficient light fastness.It tends to bloom especially in extrusion products made of low M.Wt LDPE.

PropertiesThey are recommended for variety of compound types from aromatic PU foams to cast resins of polyesters in which pigment slightly delays hardening process.In baking enamels the pigment is not fast to overpainting.Opaque rather than transparent ones are used in paint industry.Excellent flow props. Make it possible to further increase pigment level and opacity for exceptionally good results for an organic pigment. Ex. At same pigment conc. it is more opaque than Molybdate Red of same colour hue range.Full shades of very opaque type are light, weather and high tolerance for solvents and migration.In printing inks thermal stability increases from120C for transparent to 200C for opaque ones.Combinations with other coloured pigments like iron oxide, nickel titanium yellow and collaborations reduced with TiO2 are much less fast.

Flexographic Printing inksTextile printingWall paper printingLacquerLead free interior paintsPaper coatingpackaging gravureApplication

Powder coating application for:

Bedroom productsDomestic appliancesHousewaresKitchen productsLiving room productsWindow decoration products

Manufacturers and Commercial ProductsManufacturing CompanyTrade NameClariant GmbHPermanent Orange RL 01Clariant GmbHPermanent Orange RL 70Jupiter Dyes Pvt. LtdJupistar Benzidine Orange JRAlbion Colours LtdKenalake Orange 2GY34Albion Colours LtdKenalake Orange RLOCappelle Pigments NVLysopac Orange 3420CCappelle Pigments NVLysopac Orange 3421CSudarshan Chemical Industries LtdArylamide Orange 206Albion Colours LtdBricofor Orange 2GPDeepak Colourants Pvt. LtdDeepglo HF Orange