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1. Nicole Melia Photo Diary- Music Video We was asked to take photos of us filming our music video so we could show shots of us filming and what the actual shot looked like. As you can see below here are pictures of me getting a low angle shot, we used this shot a lot in our music video so that the boxer who was the main character in our music video was looked up at and as he was supposed to be represented as a strong character, I felt as though this would be a powerful technique to use. Next to the picture is what the shot looked like in my final edit of my music video. Again here is another picture of me filming the extras doing push ups, we made the tripod lower and created again a lower angle towards the 2 men. This is one of my favourite shots that we filmed but sadly we realised the shot was quite blurry when putting it into my final edit therefor I didnt use it. 2. Nicole Melia Here is Megan filming my dad the main character (The boxer) filming him skipping- We used this as the warmup and did many different angles and close ups. Below the picture are 2 of the shots we filmed. 3. Nicole Melia As we wanted a pan of the gym we was trying to find the perfect place to do this- this is Megan experimenting outside the cage. Where as in my final version I used the pan of the gym from inside of the cage as you can see below. The next picture is of us filming the main character weighing himself, As I have experience of my dad fighting in the ring I know to be able to fight you have to be a certain weight- depending on your opponent.