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Phenomenon of lightning

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In this research we will see how prophet Mohamed talked precisely about phases of lightning as there is a complete conformance between his saying and recent discoveries concerning the lightning as recent scientists found that the lightning strike happens in a fractions of a second ! This scientific fact was discovered by the use of an advanced camera which is able to capture one thousand photo per second. The question is who told our illiterate prophet this scientific information 1400 years ago?

Text of Phenomenon of lightning

  • Phenomenon of lightningIs a clear evidence that prophet Mohamed is sincerePeace be upon himWritten by: ABDEL DAYEM AL KAHEELwww.kaheel7.comTranslated by : Ahmed
  • Engineer Abduldaem Al-Kaheel is a researcher inthe Scientific Miracles of the Quran and Sunnah.He is born in the city of Homs (Syria) in 1966 andhe is the author of more than twenty book andthirty booklet and he memorize the entire holybook of Quran. Through this research he presentsa new discovery in the purified prophetic Sunnah.Biography
  • Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him says:(dont you see that the lightning comes andback in an eye blink).[Narrated by Muslim]
  • Summary of the ResearchIn this research we will see how prophet Mohamed talkedprecisely about phases of lightning as there is a completeconformance between his saying and recent discoveriesconcerning the lightning as recent scientists found that thelightning strike happens in a fractions of a second ! Thisscientific fact was discovered by the use of an advancedcamera which is able to capture one thousand photo persecond. The question is who told our illiterate prophet thisscientific information 1400 years ago?
  • Lightning is terrifying, beautiful and confusing phenomenon
  • Lightning in ancient legendsFor many years, people used to believe that lightningis a holy event which is related to gods that punishthose people who disobey them. In the seventh centurywhen prophet Mohamed was living, people believedthat Zeus is the god of lightning ,at that time thesmartest man used to believe in these myths.
  • ZeusGod of the Lightning!!!!
  • The first one to study this phenomenonIn the eighteenth century and after eleven centuriesfrom the time of prophet Mohamed, many scientistsstarted to study the phenomenon of lightning and theone who made the initiative was professor Franklinwho used his famous kite when he connected it to ametal wire and sent it up between the clouds, a strongspark was released when the electricity moved throughthe wire when it touched the ground!
  • Franklin is the first one who proved thatthe lightning is an electric spark1752
  • Simply, lightning is the meeting ofnegative charges with positive chargesnegative chargespositive charges
  • The knowledge about the lightning was rare till the end ofthe twenty century when the scientists discovered thedigital camera as they became able to capture 1000 photoper second which enabled them to understand somesecrets about the lightning but details still unknown!A historical fact
  • The lightning needs special kind of cloudsduring the thunder stormsThe question is: where does the lightning happen ?
  • Lightning in numbers around the world There are 100 lightning strike per second . There are 8 million lightning strike every day. In America the lightning kills 100 person every year.A satellite photo
  • Marvelous numbers! Temperature of the lightning beam is 30000 Celsiusso it is five times greater than the temperature on thesurface of sun!! The volt per beam is: 1000 million volt. Electricity is: 200 thousand ampere
  • A lightning flash at midnightThe above photo shows lightning flash at midnight , if youexposed to that flash you may became a permanently ortemporally blind according to the distance betweenyou and the flash.
  • In a holy verse Allah Almighty describes whathappens in the sky as He says:(Or like a rainstormfrom the sky, wherein is darkness, thunder, andlightning){Srat Al-Baqarah-the cow-verse19}.And in the next verse He Almighty tells us howthe lightning flash may affects us as He says:(Thelightning almost snatches away their sight){Srat Al-Baqarah-the cow-verse20}.Who told our prophet this scientific information?
  • The scientists are studying the scientists are choosing a perfect cloud to study ,timeof the lightning flash and the time between each phase asthose scientists believe that the lightning flash differs froma cloud to another according to how far it is from theground, amount of electrical charges in the cloud and onthe ground ,temperature ,wind speed and humidity.
  • An ideal cloud 3 kilometers far from the ground
  • How does the lightning occur?
  • The lightning occurs in phasesThe scientists discovered that the lightning occurs intwo main phases which are the crossing phase andthe returning phase, and they captured photos forthese two phases and said with certainty that thelightning descends from the cloud and returns again!!
  • The first phaseA negative chargedescends from the cloudtoward the ground inpart of a second.
  • The second phaseThe positive charge onthe ground meets withthat negative charge.
  • The third phaseAs a result, a strong electricspark generates and goestoward the cloud.
  • The fourth phaseHere we can see thereturned electric chargeand that is the lightningbeam, all of these fourphases happens in 25Millisecond.A millisecond is a thousandth (1/1,000) of a second
  • A simple drawing demonstrates theMechanism of lightning
  • The lightning strikes plan
  • After all of these scientific facts, we have to ask asimple question: How did prophet Mohamed peace beupon him deal with this complicated phenomenon?was he affected by all of the different myths andlegends at that time?
  • This prophetic hadith contains many scientific signs!Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him tells us thatthe believers will pass quickly on As-Sirt which isthe hair-narrow bridge that every person must passon day of resurrection to enter Paradise as he says:(you will pass on As-Sirt like the lightning) and inthe same hadith he says about the phenomenon ofthe lightning :(dont you see that the lightning comesand back in an eye blink) [Narrated by Muslim].
  • A sign that the speed of the lightningis very highProphet Mohamed peace be upon him says : (youwill pass on As-Sirt like the lightning) which is aclear sign that the speed of lightning is very high
  • A sign that the lightning occursin phasesThe prophet says: (dont you see that the lightningcomes and back) , here is a clear sign that thelightning occurs in two main phases which are thecrossing phase and the returning phase exactly aswhat recent scientists say about the lightning!!
  • A sign to the time ofthe lightningThe prophet say that the lightning strike occurs:(in aneye blink) ,from the scientific point of view that sayingis right because the eye blink takes only milliseconds.
  • The scientists at NASA are usingthe same prophetic expression
  • Steve Goodman, a scientist in NASA says about the lightning:A lightning strike can heat the air in a fraction of a second. When airis heated that quickly, it expands violently and then contracts, like anexplosion that happens in the blink of an eye.All of the above was summarized by prophet Mohamed injust a few words by saying: dont you see that thelightning comes and back in an eye blink !![Steve Goodman, A Lightning Primer,]Also he says : the type of lightning NASA is researching occurswithin clouds, invisible to the naked eye by day. To properlymonitor this type of lightning takes special equipment like NASAsLightning Imaging Sensor, The sensor tracks worldwide lightningstrikes and their relationship to storm centers.
  • The point of inimitability in the HadithThis hadith is a clear evidence that prophet Mohamedpeace be upon him is sincere and he is a prophet fromAllah Almighty. Also the hadith preceded all scientificresearches as no one on earth in the seventh centuryever talked about lightning in that precision
  • References [1] Martin A Uman, All About Lightning, Courier Dover Publications, 1987. [2] G V Cooray, Vernon Cooray, The Lightning Flash, IET, 2003. [3] Richard Kithil, Fundamentals of Lightning Protection, National Lightning Safety Institute,www.lightningsafety

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