Personality Development K.DHEEBIKA, MSc Bioinformatics, Pondicherry University.

Personality development

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  • 1. PersonalityDevelopment
    MSc Bioinformatics,
    Pondicherry University.

2. Personality Development?
Is it about good appearance?
Is it about Personalities?
The answer is NO!
Then what it is about?
3. Tips for personality development
4. Thinking
Think Positive
5. Life
Do not live a monotonous.
6. Creativity
Be creative
7. Change
Be the change you wish to see in the world.
8. Imagination
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
9. Motivation
It is not strength but desire which moves us.
10. Smile
Smile. And smile some more. It adds to your face value and to your personality as well.
11. Leadership
You can
only lead others only whenyou yourself are prepared to go
12. Work
Do not work Hard, Work smart.
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