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  • 1. Hollis Peck Facilities Plan FRIT 7132 October 28th 2008

2. The media center I visited for this survey is in a PreK-5 elementary school in which the students range in age from 4 through 12 years.This is an inner-city Title I school in which over 90 percent of the 550 students are on free or reduced price lunch plans. There is good parent participation in school activities and a supportive administration and faculty.23 classrooms are in mobile units, and the school is second on the list for either a new building, or renovations.It is a well run and family friendly school. School Description 3. View as You Enter The Media Center Media Center Environmental Elements and Access Issues: On rainy days students are likely to get wet when walking to the media center via the breezeway, and on cold days they must wear a coat.When the back door to the media center is locked teachers knock to gain entrance, and when it is unlocked it is opened and closed constantly by students.Activity at this entrance can prove to be distracting to music and computer lab students in classes across from the media center building. 4. Natural light in the media center is limited.There are three small windows in need of repair.Because the storm windows are clouded with dirt and condensation, there are small sheer curtains over the windows to make them less noticeable, so they only let in a minimal amount of light. The artificial lighting is adequate.Small windows may be seen in this shot and the rear door is directly to the left of thecomputer station making this entrance as issue throughout the school day.Lighting Issues 5. The media center is equipped with seven computers for student use.There are also printers and a scanner which may be used with supervision.These items are located at a computer carrousel.All but one of the computer screens may be seen from the circulation desk.The circulation desk includes one computer for media specialist and media clerk use, and one for student checkout.Students are encouraged to scan their checkout ID, scan their books, and then scan a checkout sticker located on the desk.There is always adult supervision for checkouts and students seem to enjoy being able to scan their own books. Computer Station 6. Adjacent RoomsThe media center has five adjacent rooms: An art gallery with double doors leading to the media center, an equipment room, a work room with a sink, the media specialists office, and one other small room currently used by the counselor.There is also an old poorly maintained bathroom. The media center is in a building which is not connected to any other campus building, except by a covered breezeway. Double Doors Leading to Gallery 7. Flow & Visibility: There is a large double book shelf unit in the middle of the media center that separates the easy section from the Fiction, Nonfiction, and Reference sections.The size and placement of this unit makes it difficult to monitor all students at any given time.The shelves in less visible areas are in greater disarray by the end of the day than the shelves in easily visible areas.Large Shelf unit dividing the easy section from the other areas of the media center. 8. Traffic: Mentors often work with students in the main area of the media center and in the adjacent rooms.In high traffic hours, such as in the afternoons, it is common to have mentors and their students relocate to the art gallery.The afternoon traffic creates a continual juggling act for quiet space.Reading First activities take place in the morning, which leads to increased use of the media center in the afternoon.Main Media Center Reading Area 9. Media Center Furnishings There are five long tables and one round table in the media center.The tables are configured as needed to accommodate whole-class activities.One pull-down screen is used for computer display, but is at an angle which makes it hard to see from all tables, so the media specialist often uses a portable screen. 10. Media Specialist Office and Circulation Desk Space: The media specialists tiny office has built in shelves along one wall, and is only large enough to accommodate a desk and a filing cabinet.Every space in this media center seems to serve multiple purposes. 11. Current FloorPlan 12. Interviews with Teachers and Students Indicate Needed Changes: Teachers express concern for students who must go outside and walk to the media center, which is near a busy street.There is special concern for the younger students.The housing complex in which most of the students live is right across the street.Fencing was recently installed to make the campus more secure and separate that part of the grounds from nearby traffic.Furnishings are old and need to be replaced.The teachers and students seem happy with the media center but are waiting for a new modern school.The cramped conditions and the general lack of natural light is an issue, not only for the media center but for the school a whole.The media center has many new books, and old ones are being weeded.There is an appreciation for the improved look of the media center, and the increased selection of materials over the past several years.Clearing of old shelf units and weeding of old books has helped to increase use and enjoyment of the space. 13. Description of Changes for Revised Floor Plan: The revised floor plan addresses the need for additional lighting, additional shelving, and increased space for technology.Main Space: Upon entering the media center the placement of round tables allows for better traffic flow. Long shelving with fiction on one side and reference on the other has been removed.Due to the placement of the shelves in the Non Fiction area, students could not be monitored.New shelving provides for Non Fiction to be arranged for easy access and better visibility from the circulation desk. Fiction shelving runs along outside walls.Fiction books were originally in three different sections, making it confusing for students who were trying to find books by their favorite author.Reference materials have been moved from the dark shelving where they could not be easily seen to a central area with seating for two adults or students.A small table has been added making this a good place for the classroom teacher to sit and possibly work while her students are enjoying story time.The periodicals have also been moved to this area. 14. The new large multi-level circulation desk will accommodate a computer for the media specialist or media clerk and another for student checkout.A book drop has been added in a location that will be convenient for students as they enter. The main computer stations remain the same as in the original plan.The computer and scanner at the back of the media center have been relocated to the multimedia room, which allows for additional space for small groups.Cushions will be purchased and used for movable seating in this area. Tables for whole-class activities and for faculty meetings have been located on the windowed side of the media center.They are in close proximity to outlets and cable lines for easy access to laptops and projection.Wireless capability would also be desirable for the media center as well as a smart board in this area.There is room for instillation on the back wall in the easy section. The placement of tables in this area makes the area adjacent to the gallery more usable for groups during special gallery events.New chairs would be stackable and moveable for easy shifting from one area of the Media Center to another.The three tales near the entrance door could be moved to the story time area when additional seating is needed during meetings. Description of Changes for Revised Floor Plan: 15. Rooms: The AV storage room has been cleared of TV carts, and is now a dedicated multimedia production room.An AV storage area has been created by repurposing the old, hardly workable bathroom and custodians closet.Other bathroom facilities are in the adjacent building just a few feet away for the main media center entrance. These changes allow for the equipment to be rolled outside without going through the media center.This alleviates some of the traffic currently in areas where students are reading and where lessons are being taught. 16. The media specialists office has been expanded.New windows have been added, and the entrance has been relocated to the area behind the new circulation desk.The additional space has been converted to storage.This will be useful for processing of books that arrive.The equipment that requires strict monitoring such as cameras and their components will also be located in this area.It should be easier to keep up with all the parts if they are not in a room that is so open to traffic.Overhead bulbs, ink cartridges, and printer paper would be stored here as well, along with any small equipment that has a work order in process and is waiting to be picked up by the county.This would save time and aggravation by eliminating searching through the crowded AV room looking for equipment to be repaired.The workroom remains the same as in the original plan with the addition of a table. 17. Access Areas: The Single solid entrance doors will be replaced by glass paned double doors. The entrance to the gallery remains the same as in the original plan. Future Plans: A patio with seating and a garden or natural area could be added outside the entrance near the computer station, and would be useful for story time or for the growing and study of plants. This could provide a good community project. These changes and additions would be wonderful but unlikely since this school is second on a list of schools to be relocated.Teachers are looking forward to eventually moving into a new facility, but in the mean time they try to make the school look inviting and operate. 18. Revised Floor Plan 19.

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