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This parent letter has a lot of great information to help parents keep up with procedures and events in the classroom.

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  • 1. BACK TO Heritage ElementarySchoolSCHOOL! Dream, Believe, Achieve -Author Unknown Welcome to Third Grade!Hello from Mrs. Eubanks Be safe in knowing that no matter what theMy name is Melanie Eubanks and this is my third yearday holds, your child will be taken care of inof teaching third grade at Heritage Elementary. my classroom. I make a sincere effort toBefore coming to Heritage, I had the joy of working make sure that each child learns and has funwith preschool, third, and fifth grade students.while doing it. I am a graduate of Athens State University where IParent/Teacher Communicationgraduated with Summa Cum Laude honors. At AthensState, I received my B.S. in Elementary Education. IIn a couple of weeks, you will begin receiving our weeklyhope to return to school very soon to obtain my class newsletter. The Eubanks Enquirer will keep youMasters in Elementary Education.informed of classroom and school happenings. I willgive your child a paper copy the first time it is sentout. I will then begin sending it via e-mail. I ask thatI absolutely love teaching, and I could see myselfyou please print out the newsletter and place it in yourdoing nothing else. I feel very blessed to bechilds binder in the newsletter sleeve. Please sign theemployed here at Heritage Elementary. Last year, Ibottom of the newsletter so that I know you havehad an amazing year with my students. It wasviewed it.amazing to watch the students grow in knowledge. Ialso look forward to working with your child. I Students will bring a B.U.G binder home every day.promise to work hard to ensure your child gets theThis binder needs to stay in the childs backpack andquality education that he/she deserves. travel between home and school every day. Moreinformation about the B.U.G binder can be found onpage 7.I look forward to working with you to help your childsucceed not only this year, but for the rest ofGraded paper folders will go home each Thursdayhis/her life. (unless otherwise stated). On the inside cover is aAbout Third Gradesheet titled This Weeks Work. Please sign thisdocument, so I will know that you have seen your childswork. Please help your child get into the habit ofbringing his/her folder back on Fridays. Also, please Third grade is an awesome and exciting year. return ALL graded papers. I must keep these on file. However, third grade will also be aStudents will receive a sticker on their charts when challenging year. Your child will be folders are brought back signed the next day (moreinformation about incentive charts can be found on introduced to new math concepts, cursivepage 6). handwriting, more detailed language and grammar skills, hands-on science Listserv is a great way for you to stay informed about experiments, and independent events and important information. The principalsends information via Listserv every week. To sign up, I believe that third grade is a year ofgo to the school website and click on Listserv. Follow growing independence.the directions. E-mails are sent out very often! Be sure I have your e-mail address for class news.

2. Back To School Parent Newsletter - Page 27There will be several reading activities happening Feel free to e-mail me anytime as I check e- throughout each week. mail at school and home very frequently. If your child has special needs or concerns, you A story for the reader will be assigned weekly(most often with a vocabulary list). Skills that may want to e-mail me as soon as possible to letaccompany the story will be taught and me know. Help me ensure your childs successpracticed throughout the week. Some through positive communication.assignments will accompany these stories ashomework. Students will be responsible for Mrs. Eubanks Contact Information: reading their weekly story, writing vocabulary E-mail: sentences, and studying their vocabulary Phone: 256-772-2075during the week. The story of the week andvocabulary list will be noted on the weeklynewsletter. Vocabulary tests will be given onFridays. Comprehension tests will be given onFridays. Sustained silent reading will happen daily. Thismay or may not be Accelerated Reading (AR); Classroom Subjects however, it will be encouraged. We will beginworking on AR goals after the students have Spelling taken the STAR reading assessment.A spelling pretest will be given on Monday. Students will keep an Accelerated Reading Log Students scoring 100% will not be required toin their binders. The log will give you more take the post-assessment given on Friday.information on your childs reading range and However, students who compact out will still beAR goal. Students will have the whole nineweek period to meet their AR goal. AR tests required to participate in certain spelling conceptwill not count against the students reading lessons during the week. Please do not have yourgrades; however, rewards will be given to child study for the pretest. The pretest isthose students who meet their goals. We will used to assess PRIOR knowledge.chart their progress in the classroom. TheEnglish/Writing key is to motivate your child to read.Your child will engage in several writing activities, The STAR reading assessment will be givenuse correct punctuation, develop dictionary skills,periodically during the year to evaluatecorrectly use nouns, verbs, adjectives, and progress and set optimal reading levels forpronouns in written and oral speech, etc. students. Skill mastery will be assessed from writing Small group instruction will be the primaryproducts and unit tests.reading strategy taught daily. Small groupinstruction addresses individual needs and Readingallows me to focus more on my students Your child will be given the opportunity and strengths and weaknesses in reading. While I instruction to improve silent and oral reading, as am working with my small groups, the rest ofthe class will be peer-discussing literature, well as strengthen their comprehension throughdoing reading activities from the class reader, our AR program, chapter books and Harcourtwriting, applying language skills, or utilizing Reading Series. Students will be given time in technology. class to read silently from his/her AR book. Reading strategies based on the Alabama Reading Guided Reading will target specific reading Initiative will be taught and reinforced during thestrategies that improve student year, so that your child will continue to improvecomprehension. his/her comprehension and oral reading. 3. Back To School Parent Newsletter - Page 3 Fluency is assessed in third grade through the Math use of DIBELS. Students at the 3rd grade level should be able to read 110 words fluently Math will be taught as a skill-building/review by the end of the year. Therefore, fluencyprocess using the Everyday Math and AMSTI will be addressed weekly by read-alouds,programs. Hands-on materials will assist daily poetry, and practice DIBELS fluency passages. activities that are practical (i.e. calendar, Students will also be formally assessed onmoney, and elapsed time). There will be written their fluency. More details about thisassignments and homework. assessment will be given to you at a later date.Students are expected to have already Reading Logs Students should read memorized the basic addition and subtraction approximately 15-20 minutes a night. The only facts. During third grade, students should way a child can improve their reading skills is learn and memorize multiplication and division by practicing. The practice should be fun! Some strategies for making reading fun mightfacts through the 9s; however, we will study include whole family reading, read to a through the 12s. PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT big/little brother or sister, read to a friend or WILL BE ESSENTIAL with reinforcement of stuffed animal, take turns reading with Mom all new and on-going skills. There will be a or Dad, read something besides books cereal weekly multiplication test given on Fridays. boxes, comics, newspaper, recipes, game Please see the weekly newsletters for the date instructions, etc. the multiplication tests will begin. Students will be given a reading log at the Students will also be asked to write about daily beginning of the year. I will e-mail you a blank math experiences in a school-kept math journal. copy, and again, I ask that you print out several copies to place in the reading logSocial Studies section of your childs binder. The reading log should always be in your childs binder in theWe will be learning about communities around reading log sleeve. Students will answer ANYthe world as well as a study of Native three questions on their reading log using theAmericans, geography skills, map and globe books they are reading. Students should not skills, American history and government, and answer the same questions each week as they good citizenship. Research, note taking, and need to work on all of the skills listed on the the writing process will also be taught within reading log. The reading log does ask for this area. parents to take 5-10 minutes to discuss and record your students thoughts (only on one Science question). I understand that you all have busy Our science curriculum is enhanced with schedules; however, if you are unable to fill in AMSTI (Alabama Math and Science Technology this section, your child can complete it himself/herself. Students should only use Initiative) kits that we receive through UAH their weekly story out of the class reader oneand FOSS. Each classroom kit is packed with night a week when answering the questions.enough materials to last approximately six to The other two nights should come from eight weeks. The kits include: Plant Growth and reading material within their reading level. TheDevelopment, Earth Materials, The Human reading log will count as a reading grade.Body, and Chemical Testing. Reading logs will be due on Fridays. I will periodically check your students reading log Health will be