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We both (Hasan Khan & Ruhee Fariah) are the students of Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology, Dhaka, student's of the Department of Textile Engineering.Here we can learn about panty and its main classification. Here we can also learn about its using and the difference functional application.

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  • 1. Your ultimate inner wear.

2. Content. About Panty History Common Construction Types of Panty Material used Why Cotton is best? Uses Top Brands Changing Trends Terminology Some examples of panty 3. About PantyPanties are a form of underwear designed to be worn by womenand girls in the crotch area below the waist.Panty is used in such derivatives as "panty liner" and "panty hose".The term is usually applied only to female underwear, with"underpants" used as the term for the male counterpart. 4. History Women first wore underwear below the waist duringthe French Revolution. Catherine de Medici is credited with the invention of panties-style underwear. After the 1920s, womens underwear shortened inaccordance with shorter skirt lengths. The modern version (since the 1970s) has either no legs or,in some cases, very short ones, and has becomeprogressively more revealing over time. 5. Common Construction Typically consists of two pieces (front and rear) that arejoined by seams at the crotch and sides Elastic waistband, Crotch panel to cover the genital area A pair of leg openings which, like the waistband. 6. Types of PantyPanties are divided into various types based on such criteria asamount of rear coverage, width at the sides and height at whichthey are worn. Classic Briefs High-cut Briefs Control Briefs Hipster Bikini Boyshorts Tanga Thong G-String 7. Classic BriefsRise to the waist or justbelow the navel and fullcoverage in the rear.Features sides thatextend below the hip. 8. High-cut BriefsAlso known as Frenchcut briefs. It is designedwith sides that aresomewhat narrower. 9. Control BriefsThis type giving a slimmerappearance and usuallycontains a stretch materialsuch as spandex and mayextend above the waist. 10. HipsterAre similar to briefs, but areworn lower down the body,with the waistband aroundthe hips. 11. BikiniSit at hip level, like theHipsters, but the fabric of theside sections is narrower.Bikini is the most widely wornstyle amongst womenworldwide. 12. BoyshortsAre styled after mensbriefs and may have shortlegs extending below thecrotch. 13. TangaProvide full rear coverage,but the waistband isreduced to a narrow strip atthe sides. 14. ThongsHave a waistband similar totanga, but the rear coverage isnot as full.The crotch is extended to theback of the wearer and anarrow strip of fabric fitsbetween the buttocks . 15. G-stringsIs a thong with virtually norear coverage and thenarrow strip at the backextends to the waistband.This type exposes the vastmajority of the buttocks. 16. Again on the basis of aesthetics purpose it can be dividedon various types: Sexy panty Padded panty Women Briefs Seamless underwear etc. 17. Sexy Panties:Sexy underwear has becomemore and more popularlately. It is not crotchlesspanties, thongs and G-strings.Sexy panty is more aboutthe fabrics. 18. Padded PantiesMore than 12% of womenfeel that they need a paddedpanty.Padded panties give a littleextra booty to an otherwiseflat bottom. 19. Womens BriefsThe basic womens whitecotton full brief panty knownas the Granny panty.After that the new style Hicut briefs arrived andquickly became the mostpopular underpant. 20. Seamless UnderwearIts created on circular loomsto eliminate side seams.The fabrics used in mostwomens seamless pantiestoday is, Nylon, Modal, andSpandex but all have thatimportant cotton crotcheither sewn or knit in. 21. Materials used for Panty Normally cotton is most widely using but silk and satin typepanty are rising. Elastic band is needed with smooth surface, Lace is alsoneeded for decorative purpose. Including satin, silk, PVC, cotton, nylon, mesh, lace,rawhide, leather, latex, lycra, and polyester. 22. Why Cotton is best? The best fabric choice for panties for health reasons iscotton. The reason is that panties with a cotton crotchbreathe more naturally. Cotton panties are often reasonably priced, last for a whileand are comfortable. A cotton panty with Lycra keeps its shape the best. Cotton isthe best fabric choice for athletic activities. 23. Uses of PantyFunctional purpose:To keep her safe and hygienic in themonthly period time. Normally red color panty is worn by usingpad on that time.Fashionable purpose:In sea beach it is worn the westerncountry mainly but there Panty color and design must be relatedwith Bra. 24. Top Brand Hanky Pinky thongs, La Perl G strings, Warmers panties, Bali panties, Barely There panties and Olga panties 25. Changing Trends of pantyIn the 1960s, cotton briefs were the most common type ofpanties amongst girls and younger women.This new generation preferred denim jeans to pencil skirts andwore their briefs in basic cotton; cotton was re-adopted afterthe silk, rayon and nylons of the older generations. 26. TerminologyIn countries such as the United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, SouthAfrica, and occasionally in other Commonwealth nations suchas Australia and New Zealand, panties are often referred to as"knickers".The term is not generally used in the United States (US) andCanada, where "panties" is usually favored. 27. Examples of somePanty 28. Low rise Bikini Brief 29. Sweet summer brief: 30. Lovable Bikini: 31. Lovable string Fancy Bikini : 32. Triumph-hipster-brief: 33. Thank You 34. Presented By:Hasan Khan & Ruhee FariyahDepartment of Textile Engineering Student of.(Apparel Manufacturing Technology)Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology