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  • 1. Online Orientation Spring 2009 By Linda Delzeit-McIntyre

2. Important Details to Write Down

  • Campus Web Site:http://lattc.edu
  • Moodle Site:http://moodle.lattc.edu
    • Online Coordinator:Linda Delzeit-McIntyre
  • Assistant: Dana Dugan
    • 213-763-3733
    • [email_address]/[email_address]
    • Office: L-270
  • Spring term begins Monday, Feb. 9 and ends Friday, June 8.

3. Adding Closed Online Classes

  • Use email ID in SIS (update it)
  • Send email to Instructor requesting add
  • Instructor forwards to Registration
  • Registration adds ONLY IF:
    • Same email ID as in SIS
    • No holds or missing Pre-Req
  • Registration emails instructor & student
  • Alternative: get email approval by instructor to add and forward to online office:[email_address]and a add permit will be taken to the A&R for you.

4. What is Expected of Students

  • Students Expected to visitclass home page .
  • Students expected to know how to useStudent Information Systemand to know PIN.
  • Students need to have current email id in Student Information System.
  • Students expected to usecampus email .
  • Students expected to drop themselves.
  • Students expected to do work each week as assigned.

5. What Student Should Expect

  • Students should expect instructor to respond each week with grading, directions or other feedback.
  • Students should expect a syllabus and assignments to be open.
  • Students should expect their accounts to be created within 48 hours of signing up.

6. If You Have Problems

  • Contact your instructor
    • Report errors, issues inside the class
  • Contact Online Coordinator
    • If you cant get into class, problems with accounts or instructor.
  • Contact the Dept. chair
    • If the instructor appears to be absent.

7. Using Moodle - General

  • Allow Pop-ups turn off the blocker
  • Allow Cookies
  • Directions for the above are available in technology resources web page
  • No spaces in file names if you plan to upload a file.
  • Convert all word processing files to .doc or .rtf

8. Safety Concerns

  • Never give out personal contact information.
  • Never meet a class mate at a resident.Always meet in a public location and take a friend the first time.
  • Report any uncomfortable contact or discourteous communication.

9. Online Student Services

  • Live Chat Registration, Counseling, and Transfer Center
  • Online Writing Center assistance
  • Online Academic Advising services
  • Must use campus email for services

10. Using Moodle

  • Logging in (Add to favorites)
    • ID = student ID number
    • Password = SAME PIN as for SIS(begins Feb. 7)
  • Lost PIN for SIS steps to resolving forgotten PIN
  • Editing Your Profile (see handout)
  • General features of virtual classroom
  • Assignments Online
  • Assignments Upload
  • Message Center
  • Forums
  • Quizzes

11. Campus Email

  • Set up nickname and accept district user policy
  • Accept Google User Policy
  • Email account set up #1 set nickname for receiving emails.
  • Email account set up #2 set nickname for sending emails.

12. Google Docs for Class Work

  • Google docs can be used for group projects.
  • Google docs can be used for Online Writing Center tutoring