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Short presentation on Open Data & Open Innovation at KTH- Royal Institute of Technology


<ul><li> 1. SERDAR TEMIZ Open Data Innovation </li></ul> <p> 2. Silicon Valleys Orthodox Approach 3. Problem Gold Corp 4. Call: Goldcorp Challenge Call: CEO Rob McEwenDecided to run a contest Input: Provide access to the geological data of the company's Moribund Red Lake Mine in Northern Ontario Request: Solvers to have a crack at finding its richest gold deposits 5. Result 1) 110 sites identified by the solvers, of which 50% were new, 80% of which produced gold. 2) 8 million ounces of gold found. 3) Company value up from $100 million to $9 billion. (Pre contest and post contest) 6. Is Open Innovation something new? collective invention crowdsourcing community-based competition user-developed innovation open source And more.. 7. Open Data Terminology 8. Is information on PDF is Open Data? NO 9. Open Data can be defined as data that is or should be available for free to everyone and organization to use, republish, analyses as they want without copyright, patents type of restrictions. 10. Open Data Ecosystem 11. How Innovation theories, methodologies change when we have so much data Open? 12. Thank you </p>


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