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This is a collection of important personalities and their works .The ppt. is prepared for the Major students in English. Suggestions and comments solicited.

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  • 1. 1 8 TH C E N T U RY L I T E R A T U R E I N F L A S H BA C KBy: Indranil Sarkar 4/14/2012

2. 18 TH CENTURY LITERATURE1.The prominent writers in thecentury were enlighteners. Theybelong to two groups: ------------ group and ------------- group. Ans. THE MODERATE and THE RADICAL2. Mystery, horror and suspense are the principal elements of---------------------novels. Ans. GOETHIC 3. 18 TH CENTURY LITERATURE3. Laurence Sterne is chiefly revered for his two books,__________and A Sentimental Journey, esp. the former. Ans. TRISTAM SHANDY4. Pamela is written in the form of a/an ______novel. Ans. EPISTOLARY 4. 5.What is the only novel written by Oliver Goldsmith that gives adetailed account of the numerous misfortunes befalling to the central character and his family. Ans. THE VICAR OF WAKEFIELD.snA EHT SLAVIR. yrutnec ht81eht fo sessalc reppu ehtfo nemowgnuoyynamfo seicnaf citnamor-oduespdna latnemitneseht no eritas revel c a si nadirehS yb nettirw_________ .6 6. _________WRITTEN BY SHERIDAN IS A CLEVER SATIRE ON THE SENTIMENTAL AND PSEUDO-ROMANTIC FANCIES OF MANY YOUNG WOMEN OFT H E U P P E R C L A S S E S O F T H E 1 8 TH C E N T U R Y .ANS. THE RIVALS 5. 7. James Boswell wrote only one book in his life, the biography ofSamuel Jonson which is frequently considered the best in Englishlanguage. The name of the book is ________. Ans. LIFE OF JOHNSON8 . W H O I S D E S I G N AT E D A S T H E O N LY I M P O RTA N TE N G L I S H D R A M AT I S T I N T H E 1 8 TH C E N T U RY ?A N S . R I C H A R D B R I N S L E Y S H E R I DA N 6. 9. Which poem of Thomas Gray is considered as a model ofsentimentalist poetry, esp. the Graveyard school of poetry?Ans. Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard1 0 . I N T H E C O L L E C T I O N O F FA M I L I A R E S S A Y S ,OLIVER GOLDSMITH VOICES HIS SATIRICALCOMMENTS ON THE ENGLISH SOCIETY OF HIS DAYFROM THE VIEWPOINT OF AN ALLEGED CHINESET R AV E L E R . T H E NA M E O F T H E C O L L E C T I O N I S - - - - - - -.ANS.THE CITIZEN OF THE WORLD 7. 11. In which memorable poem, William Blake expounds histheory of Imagination, asserting that the world of imagination is the world of eternity. Ans. Jerusalem12. TILL A THE SEAS GANG DRY, MY DEAR,AND THE ROCKS MELT WI THE SUN:I WILL LUVE THEE STILL, MY DEAR,WHILE THE SANDS O LIFE SHALL RUN.FROM WHICH FAMOUS POEM THE ABOVE VERSE LINES ARE TAKEN ?.A N S . A R E D, R E D R O S E B Y R O B E R T B U R N S 8. 13. Which of Oliver Goldsmiths best poems, refers to his sharp protest against the depopulation of the Englishcountryside as a result of the large scale EnclosureMovement. Ans. The Deserted Village14.The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire is considered as the greatest historical writing in English.Whos masterpiece is it?Ans. Edward Gibbon 9. 18 TH CENTURY LITERATURE15. The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling by Henry Fieldinghas an excellent plot construction. The three big divisions ofthe adventures of the hero and the heroine are marked by thechange of scenes: ________, __________,and in London. Ans. In the country; On the road16. Friday is a character in the novel__________.by--------------. Ans. Robinson Crusoe; Daniel Defoe 10. 18 TH CENTURY LITERATURE 17. ________is called the Father of the English Novel. Ans. Samuel Richardson . 18.Who are called the four wheels of British novel? Ans. Henry Fielding[1707-54],Samuel Richardson[1689-1762],Tobias Smollett[1721-1771] and LawrenceSterne[1713-68] 11. 1 8 T H C E N T U RY L I T E R A T U R E I N RETROSPECT19. __________ is a picaresque novel by Daniel Defoe. It is oftenconsidered as the feminine counterpart of Robison Crusoe: Ans. Moll Flanders[1722]20. Which representatives of the Enlightenment Movement in Englandwas the first to introduce rationalism ? Ans. Alexander Pope 12. 18 TH CENTURY LITERATURE21. The 18th century England is known to the world by twoother terms; one is the Age of Enlightenment; what is theother?Ans. The age of Reason22. Which satirical poem of Alexander Pope is directed atDullness in general. Ans. Dunciad 13. 18 TH CENTURY LITERATURE 23. Samuel Richardsons 24.Adam Smith ,a pioneer in 4masterpiece is ________, in which theeconomics, is the author of a famouswriter creates an image of a young book named --------------.woman who is weak and helpless but Ans. The Wealth of Nations.who dares to rebel against the tyranny 25. Whom did Macaulay call a fool?and fight against the social evils. Ans. Clarissa HarloweAns. James Boswell, the biographer of Dr. Johnson. 14. 18 TH CENTURY LITERATURE 26.Who wrote the Castle of 27.Name two distinguishedOtranto? To which school or type or Letter writers of 18th Century.genre did it belong? Ans. Castle of Otranto was Ans. The Earl of Chesterfieldwritten by Horace Walpole in 1764.It and Lady Mary Wortleybelonged to the terror school or MontagueGothic school of English novels. 15. 18 TH CENTURY LITERATURE28. The Seasons is often 29. In Gullivers Travels, Yahoosconsidered as epoch-making, theare the creatures living onfirst significant poem in the________.tradition of pre-romanticism. It Ans. Houyhnhnmsis written by __________. Ans. James Thomson 16. 1 8 T H C E N T U RY L I T E R AT U R E I NFLASHBACK BY :Indranil SarkarAssociate Professor in EnglishPrepared as class note for B.A. Major in English 2nd Semester [ Gauhati University,Assam]COURTESIES & REFERENCES :-i.www.wikipedia.orgii. www.enotes.com