Ok, Class: Library Instruction with Google Glass

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  • Ok, Class:

    Library Instruction

    with Google GlassAmanda Foster

    Wake Forest University

  • History of the Google Glass


    March 2014: Applied for STEP Grant

    May 2014: Dean of Library Funded Glass

    Summer 2014: Course Planning

    Fall 2014: Glass in 6 sections of LIB 100

  • What is Google Glass?

    Photo Courtesy Ken Bennett/WFU

  • Why Glass? Use Glass as a

    catalyst to discuss

    information literacy


    Increase student engagement

    Explore the uses for Google Glass in the

    college classroom

  • How Was Glass Used in the Classroom?

    Photo Courtesy Ken Bennett/WFU

  • Daily Activities w/ Glass

    Journal Entries

    Group Presentations

    Code of Conduct


  • Photo Logs of the

    Research Process

    Topic/Research Question


    Keyword Brainstorming

    Evaluation of Sources

  • Book Scavenger Hunt

  • Creating Video Tutorials

  • Google Glass

    Video Skits

    Dos and Donts for Wearing Google

    Glass in Public

  • Journal Entries

    On Google Glass Readings

    Apple iWatch vs. Google Glass

    Most Interesting Glass Apps

    Propose Your Own Glass App

    Their Experience with Glass as a Student

  • Group Presentations on Glass-Related

    Research Questions

  • Code of Conduct

    Photo Courtesy Ken Bennett/WFU

  • What Did Students Have to Say?

  • The Good:

    I liked having glass in the classroom to relate to what we were learning about.

    I enjoyed the discussions about Glass and the topics that were brought up during the

    discussions like privacy, social decency, and

    the implications of wearable technology.

    Google glass made the class more interesting.

  • The Meh:

    It was not particularly academically valuable, but the novelty of it was still fun.

    Glass is a neat tool to use, but I'm not sure the class benefited from it. It wasn't

    hurt by any means either, but I don't think

    it added to the learning.

  • The Bad

    Sharing wasn't fun. It would have been cool if every group had a pair.

    In class we only used two features of Glass for our assignments and that was

    taking pictures or videos.

    I do not think glass is innovative or efficient enough to use to be used

    effectively in a classroom.

  • Instructors Point of View

    Photo Courtesy Ken Bennett/WFU

  • Future Possibilities

    Apply for grants for more sets of Google Glass

    Explore functionalities beyond taking photos and recording videos

    Guidigo for Library Tours

  • Questions?

    Photo Courtesy Ken Bennett/WFU