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  • 5th gradeAlexandroupolis, Greece

  • This is a carrot made from a plastic bottle!!Its name is mrs Carrot.If you eat carrots, you'll have strong teeth!But remember! You must brush your teeth!


  • This is our mascot!They are cherries: one of them is angry and the other one is happy!!

    Phillip, Jim

  • This is my feta cheese.l made it with a little box and paper!!


  • This is my carrot!I made it with papers and newspaper!!


  • This is my tomato, made with papers and newspaper.


  • This is a peper. I made it with papers and newspaper.


  • I made this mascot with gloves, the top of the pear, cordage, bottle, gofre paper(red, yellow), wooden eyes, pear mouth.Theologis

  • I made this mascot with 2 papers (purple and pink), 15 threads, 1cutting bottle.


  • This is a watermelon. We made it with newspapers.We used color pencils and glue.

    Eat watermelons in the summer.Don't eat ice-creams....


  • This is a pomegranate made of newspapers, plastic, cloth and glue.


  • This is my mascot. His name is mr. Orange.I build it with paper and I paint it with color pens.

    Eat orange because it has vitamin C!!


  • This is my mascot made with gofre paper and shocks.

    Konstantina D.

  • I made this mascot with newspaper, cloth, plastic eyes.I also made a hut with black paper and I put a moustache.

    It is an apple.An apple a day let the doctor go away!!!


  • My mascot is a tomato.I made it with newspapers and red gofre paper. Her name is Kiki.

    Eat healthy, live healthy!!!