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The New Media Consortium launched the NMC Commons, a private online community that fuels productivity and enables NMC’s global membership to collaborate and communicate seamlessly. NMC partner, Enterprise Hive, developed this new platform, using their HiveSocial™ social business software. Through the NMC Commons, members will also have access to the most relevant education technology content in real-time.

Text of NMC Commons Launch

  • 1. The NMC CommonsPowered by Enterprise HiveMarch 6th, 2013March 6th, 2013

2. Presented by Presenters: Victoria Estrada NMC Commons Community Manager New Media Consortium Lauren Hart Piper Vice President, Product Management & Marketing 3. About Enterprise HiveSocial Business Software Enterprise Hive creates social business software and solutions to help organizations, institutions andcompanies achieve their business goals usingprivate, secure online communities. 4. Communities Powered by Enterprise HiveAssociations User Group Customer 5. Hosted & UserConfigurable HiveSocial Leading EdgeEssential Content &Elements HealthyCloud based Collaboration Vibrant Social Business Software ToolsCommunities Community ManagementAdministration 6. What is Social Business? Content Management Online tools that empower people to connect Blogs RSS Feeds Document Management Wikis Activity Streams Real-time Chat Dynamic Search People, Topics Community Management Track and Analyze Incent User Behavior Community Vibrancy 7. POLL QUESTION ONE 8. Member-Driven OrganizationsUser Group Associations Customer Establish TrustedEngage MembersBuild Loyalty Network Attract New Members Share Ideas & Best Practices Grow Your Brand Increase Retention Drive Innovation Increase Sales Build Professional Network Reduce Support Costs Reduce Marketing Costs Secure Member Privacy Enhance User Group Build Customer Relationships Generate Revenue Management Gain Market Intelligence Strengthen Customer Base 9. Agenda1 Overview of Commons2 Profile3 My Settings4 Content5 The Future6 Questions & Answers 10. Overview The NMC Commons is a member-directed social content toolthat allows: (1) NMC Members to share information, projects, ideas andopinions about innovation and its effect on learning, (2) to provide an archiveable/searchable database abouttechnical and practical advice (3) to provide a Job Listing Service for NMC Members, and (4) to allow NMC Members to find other members who maybe of interest or help to them based on the vast areas ofexpertise represented within the NMC Community. 11. Profile 12. ProfileOrganizations and areas of expertise are searchable! 13. Privacy Remember a complete profile is a happy profile! Make your profile viewable increases your connectability. 14. My SettingsConnecting with others 15. My SettingsStaying on top of whats new 16. My SettingsStaying on top of the conversation 17. The NMC CommonsWhats inside? 18. The NMC CommonsJob searching? 19. The NMC CommonsWhats new? 20. The NMC CommonsWhat does the future hold? Up to you! Organizing is key sub-groups and wikis, meetings,theme teams, #NMCcommons More features leaderboards, badges, instantmessaging among others. Dynamic community evolves with its members 21. The NMC CommonsAre you in? Members Good news! This is a member benefit,login on nmc.org. Non-members Join us!go.nmc.org/join For more info, contact us: commons@nmc.org 22. Social Business Going Forward Social business is here to stay. Social learning will continue to evolve Content and gamification is key to build momentum,growth and vibrancy Community members are social businesss customers! Select an all inclusive social business software that that iseasy for user participation, collaboration, interaction withcontent and other users. 23. Questions & AnswersLauren Hart Piper Victoria EstradaEnterprise Hive NMC Commons Community Manager804-438-9393512-445-4200Lauren.piper@enterprisehive.com victoria@nmc.orgwww.enterprisehive.comhttp://commons.nmc.org/@enterprisehive @NMCorg