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  • 1.New Teachers Survival GuideA Resource Guide for New Teachers Created by Ms. Mariely Sanchez at

2. Table of ContentsI am the Teacher (Poem) 1Safety Tips for Teachers2Avoiding Trouble: What to do if trouble comes your way? 423 Ways to Start the Year off Right 713 Ways to Beat the First-Day Jitters 9Suggested First Day Activities 10Starting the Year: Optimum Room Arrangements 11Classroom Organization: Seating Arrangements 13Visualizing My Classroom (Planning Sheet)14Supplies Checklist 15Lesson Plan Checklist16Lesson Plan Template 17Sample of School Grade Book Record 18Substitute Survival Kit19How to be an Effective Classroom Manager 20Homework Policy Planner21Procedures I Will Teach Early in the Year22Health Emergency Procedures23Student Interest Inventory 24Sample Classroom Discipline Plan 25Classroom Discipline Plan Agreement (Form) 26Classroom Discipline Plan (Planning Sheet) 27Teacher-Student Problem-Solving Conference Worksheet 28Behavior Contract29Behavior Documentation Sheet 30Think Sheet31Positive Reminder (P.R.) Plan3250 Opportunities to Say Youre Terrific! 33Discipline Checklist 34Daily Progress Report (Form) 35Weekly Progress Report 1 (Form)36Weekly Progress Report 2 (Form)37Discipline Self-Test for Classroom Teachers38Problem-Solving Phone Call Planner 39Parent Conference Planning Sheet 40Objectives for Parent-Teacher Conferences41Parent-Teacher Conferences: Pre-Conference Self-Assessment 42Created by Ms. Mariely Sanchez at 3. I Am The Teacher I have come to a frightening conclusion;I am the decisive element in the classroom.It is my personal approach that creates the climate. It is my daily mood that makes the weather. As a teacher, I possess tremendous power to make a childs life miserable or joyous.I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal.In all situations,it is my response that decideswhether a crisis will beescalated or de-escalated,and a child humanized or de-humanized. 1 Created by Ms. Mariely Sanchez at 4. Safety Tips for TeachersThings to Remember1. Have a clear set of ground rules agreed upon by the class. The rules should be reasonable and the consequences of breaking the rules should be understood by all. The class should also understand the teacher can make exceptions if there are mitigating and extenuating circumstances.2. Schedule some class time to allow for the discussion of students problems.3. Utilize parent contacts. Parental assistance is important.4. Let students know their teacher cares about them DO Plan out your classrooms arrangement of furniture, desks and supplies for ease of traffic and visibility. Design seating charts that keep all students within eye contact. Learn all your students names as soon as possible, preferably within the first 3 days of school. Greet students as they enter your classroom. Start class on time with something important. Be well prepared and organized. Teach and reinforce the classroom rules as if they are part of the curriculum Take time to listen. Expect good behavior Believe in every students ability to learn and in your ability to teach. DONT Snatch things away from students. Become confrontational. Physically block an exit. Argue or get on a students level. Shout or put students down. 2 Created by Ms. Mariely Sanchez at 5. Breaking up a Fight Safely Most fights can be stopped by a loud, stern voice. Give specific commands. Evaluate the situation. How many students are involved? How big are they? Is there anyone around whocan assist you? Are weapons present? Identify yourself; call students by name. Defer to rules, not personal authority. Stay away from the middle. Avoid physical force, if possible. Before going into a fight, remove your glasses. Separate the aggressor and the victim. Remove participants to a neutral location; dismiss the audience. Send another student for help. Obtain identification, if you do not personally know the participants. Get medical attention for participants, if necessary. Provide protection and support for victims. Report the incident to the proper administrators and debrief relevant teachers. Create a written account of the incident. Follow up with the administration to ensure that the parents of all students involved are notified. BatteryMany batteries on staff members can be avoided if teachers or staff members maintain objective, non-threatening attitudes towards students. Most students will respond to authority if they do not perceive a loss offace or put down, particularly when the action is in front of their peers. However any aggressive actions bythe students which result in staff members receiving intentional physical abuse should result in requests forexpulsion.Batteries occur most often when a teacher or staff member: Physically blocks an exit and one or more students attempt to slip through Grabs or pushes a student Takes contraband forcibly from a student Attempts to break up a fight Attempts to keep a student from fleeingThere are batteries that occur without provocation, and although these instances are rare, they do occur.Teachers and staff members should utilize force only when the student or other students are in immediatedanger or when the teacher or other staff member is in danger of physical abuse. In all other instances,assistance from security or other staff members should be sought. Brought to you by:The Bureau of Adult/Vocational, Alternative and Dropout Prevention Programs Miami-Dade County Public Schools Some material was adapted from Tips for Student Discipline, part of the American Federation of Teachers Lessons for Life Program 3Created by Ms. Mariely Sanchez at 6. Avoiding TroubleWhat to do if trouble comes your way.Whether you are a new teacher or just new to this school district, here are some things youshould know which might save your job or career. All teachers who lose their jobs are not evil or incompetent. Many good teachers with the best of intentions find themselves in trouble and facing disciplinary action because they fail to use good judgment and common sense. Here are a few hints and suggestions that we at United Teachers of Dade hope will serve as reminders if you have the occasion to face some of these situations.Union Representation If you are a union member, you have an absolute right to the presence and counsel of a union representative at a meeting, where your conduct is being questioned and you believe disciplinary action may result. If you are in doubt about whether you are entitled to union representation, ask for it any way. Below are but a few examples of situations which could confront a teacher any moment of the day and, if teachers dont use common sense in confronting these situations, career-threatening consequences could result. If you find yourself in a situation where your conduct is being questioned and you believe disciplinary action may result, contact your Building Steward.Sex Unless you are a guidance counselor or This includes avoiding discussing your personal life a teacher assigned to teach students or the students personal life, especially if thediscussion relates to a sexual situation. Be aware about sex and sexual situations, of how your conduct and your manner of dress can teachers should avoid discussion be perceived by students about sex with their students.Notes and Jokes Personal notes should never be written Notes and jokes can get you into trouble and unless they deal solely with educational should be used, if at all, within the educationalcontext of your assignment. Jokes and stories can matters. be misinterpreted and may be offensive to certainindividuals or groups4Created by Ms. Mariely Sanchez at 7. Handling Money Regardless of the circumstances, doNo matter what kind of teacher you are, at some not handle money unless you firstpoint in your teaching experience, you will be askedto handle money. It might be as simple as holding understand the procedures required bylunch money for your students or as significant as Miami-Dade County Public Schools.managing a major fundraiser at your school. If the The UTD Contract states, Teachers procedures for handling money are not in writing, shall not be assigned or required to you should do your part to get them reduced to perform the following non-teaching writing and then follow the procedures exactly. Theonly way a school board employee can forfeit his or dutiesCollect or transmit money for her state retirement is by stealing or any purpose*. misappropriating school funds. Sometimes it ishard to draw a distinction between mishandling and *Article X, Section 1, Paragraph Emisappropriating. Be careful when you handlemoney.Being alone with students Do not place yourself in situationsAnytime you are alone with a student, you are at a outside the educational setting of yourgreater risk than when you are with a group ofstudents and/or in the presence of adults. If there is school where you could be alone with a an allegation of misconduct which allegedly student. This includes giving a studentoccurred between you and the student, there are a ride in your car, taking a student only two witnesses you and the student what home with you, taking a student to a really happened no longer becomes the issue. The movie or camping, etc. issue becomes credibility whose version of theincident is more believable? Yours or thestudents?Touching Students Any time you touch a student you place Anytime you touch a student and that touch is yourself at risk. Use common sense unwanted by the student, you risk being chargedwith excessive force and/or assault and battery and when you touch a student and, to the face possible disciplinary action and a civil suit for extent possible, avoid physical contactdamages. We are not only talking about of any kind in a situation involving onlyinappropriate touching of students private parts. you and the student, i.e., where ther