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  • 1. OrientationNew EmployeeSan Antonio ISD Visit online -

2. Where can I find all this? Visit online - Online Resources for You at... 3. Lets talk about the Big Picture.... Visit online - 4. One Piece of the PuzzleVisit online - ManagementInformation Systems Marcos Zorola,Chief Information Officer 5. Electronic Communicationand Data Management Policy Visit online - of AccessAcceptable Use Policy Monitored Use Intellectual Property Rights 5 Ways to Avoid Inappropriate EmailSpam and Junk Mail 6. Availability of Access Visit online - Electronic Communication System is available primarily for instructional and administrative use. 7. Availability of AccessVisit online - Source: personal use when it imposes a cost or burden on the District resources,including your time and performance. 8. Responsible Use Policy Visit online - Ensure appropriate/acceptable use of districtequipment, email, and Internet with minimum disruption to email, other services, and activities.Source: Administrative Procedure: D5- Employee Acceptable Use 9. Critical Reminder #1Visit online - Source: Use must be in support of education and research, aswell as consistent with the educational and/or job objectives of SAISD.Source: Administrative Procedure: D5- Employee Acceptable Use 10. Critical Reminder #2Source: Visit online - Use of wireless PC cards (e.g. AT&T, Spring, Clear) or internetservices not provided by SAISD are in violation of the Childrens Internet Protection Act (CIPA). 11. Email...Like a Postcard: Open to EveryoneSource: Visit online - mail (email)transmissions and other useof the electroniccommunications system isNOT considered private.Designated District staff can To:be authorized to monitor New and Existing Teachers Studentssuch communication at any Parentstime to ensure appropriate Visitorsuse.Source: D5-Employee Acceptable Use PolicyImage Source: 12. Tips to Avoiding Email Problems Source: Avoid spamVisit online - Avoid volunteering emailaddress on web sites. Avoid buying contentonline with your SAISDemail address. Delete unknownProblem Emails? sendersWe have theTo:Report obscene orAnswers! offensive content toNew and Existing Teachers HelpDesk@saisd.netStudentsEmail or Call the HelpDesk! Parents Never 527-1400personal informationSource: 13. New Teacher ResourcesVisit online - New and Existing Teachers Students Parents Visitors


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