Mutant creatures and aliens

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Mutant creatures and aliens


  • 1950s mutant creatures and alien invaders Audiences were first introduced to mutant creatures and aliens in movies in the 1950s. The first 50s movie to feature outer space and aliens was a low-budget movie called Rocketship X-M. This then started a trend of sci-fi films. Some of the most popular and films of the genre were The Thing, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Invasion Of The Body Snatcher, It Came From Outer Space and War Of The Worlds.
  • Mutant Madness Existing life forms made monsters as they could be photographed using blue screen techniques. Early special effects worked well in the King Kong movie, 1933. On screen monsters represented the cutting edge of movie technology and was seen as a good way to draw audiences away from tv. This eras obsession with the monster movie stems from the fears generated by co-existence with the atom bomb. Monster movies offered a vision of destruction created by non-humans; instead of generating chaos and disaster, humans represent a force of good. These monster movies of 1950s were the first blockbusters.
  • Nk o This was such a big movie of its time because it refers to communists. The aliens in the film made everybody the same once it had taken over their body, which is much like what the communists did. Society was in fear that the communist would take over and make everybody the same.
  • The Blob was released 1958 and there has been 2 re-makes of the film since then. The message of this film was to warn people of the potential dangers of space travel. The Blob is an unidentifiable creature that feeds and expands on individuals fears. One could say the same thing about the targets of Senator Joseph McCarthys Red Scare accusations.
  • In the 1950s, people were worried that we were ahead of time in terms of technology and were scared that it would take over their lives. People lived in fear that the effects of technology was going to mutant and deform people. Films after the war in the cinemas didnt concentrate on the war and fighting but the pace of technology we were using. For example the atom bomb, guns and machinery. The race to space was also a major thing in the 1950s. Because of the new obsession of aliens and mutant creatures in movies, Countries wanted to got to space and explore and see if there is other life form. The competition was mainly between the USA and Russia.
  • Even now, theres still and obsession with space and whats out there. People are always coming up with new ideas of what creatures out in space look like. And we see this in the new alien and mutant creature movies. In todays generation theres some stereotypes and less fear and more mocking of the creatures. Movies such as Monsters Inc and Alien VS Monsters.
  • The Wasp Woman 1959 Monsters Inc