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Music video tips

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Advice for OCR Media Students on making their music videos.

Text of Music video tips

  • 1. Focus your research Look at previous students work Set yourself an early deadline Keep it simple Dont try to be funny

2. research planning evidence ideas feedback logistics equipment production reflection 3. Really look at real examples Keep evidence of all your research Research every angle Conventions, audiences, institutions KEEP RESEARCHING 4. Storyboards, animatics, Recce photos Screen grabs of your manipulation ofmaterial digital editing, Photoshop, etc 5. Visit locations/check permissions Be prepared for mishaps and absences Have everyones mobile phone number Check props, costumes, times Shoot more than you need, for cutaways Record all your planning visuals Show the process of your journey 6. At all stages from peers, teachers and others Keep records of the feedback Take notice of it and respond to it 7. The camera is charged The hard drive is empty for your footage You know how to use the camera andthe tripod Date and time display are off 8. Rehearse shots and action beforerecording Keep the camera steady Avoid using the zoom Dont use found footage Backwards footage and speedchanges must be motivated bycontent Cut and cut again! 9. Should be ongoing as well as at the end Stand back from what you have made Get teacher advice on the format ofevaluation Should not be full of excuses Should use technical language accurately Should place your video in relation toindustry Should relate your video to real examples