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  • 2. Money & Budget Capital fund Operation fund
  • 3. Source of Fund Government or Trustee Foundation Privated Gift Membership Admissions Sale shop Restaurant Book shop souvenir Endowment
  • 4. Thailand Budget Style Salary Permanent wages Temporary wages Compensation Cost of official welcome event Short-term Material Long-term material Land and construction Sponsored others
  • 5. Income Charges of services Financial sponsorship Grants Fees Materials sold Donations Miscellaneous items
  • 6. Entrances fee Muse du Louvre Ticket Pass 1-day pass: 18 3-day pass: 36 5-day pass: 54
  • 7. The Singapore Tourist Pass EZ-Link CardThe Singapore Tourist Pass offers tourists the benefit of When you use the ez-link unlimited rides on the MRT and LRT trains and basic card, you are paying thebus services for the duration of the validity of the pass. exact fare for each and every ride you take on the public transport system.The Singapore Tourist Pass costs S$8 per day. (S$8 for 1-Day pass, S$16 for 2-Day The ez-link card costs S$15, of which S$5 pass and S$24 for 3-Day pass). Passes sold have to be encoded into a smart card is the card cost this portion is not which is similar to an ez- link card. refundable - S$3 is the travel deposit and S$7 is the stored value. As tourists are typically in Singapore for a few days, we have developed a rent-a- Citizens and residents of Singapore who card scheme instead of making them buy an ez-link card. commute on public transport in their daily routine on a regular basis wouldHence passes issued in Singapore come with a rental deposit of S$10 which is fully commonly own their own ez-link cards. refundable if the card is returned within 5 days from the date of issuance.Passes sold or issued overseas will cost either S$18 for a 1-Day pass, S$26 for a 2-Day pass or S$34 for a 3-Day pass. The rental of cards is not possible for cards sold or issued overseas. The Singapore Tourist Pass comes with the added feature of merchant offerings The ez-link card does not come bundled bundled in. with merchant offers. You can use The Singapore Tourist Pass like a normal ez-link by encoding value in the card for payments of train and bus fare payments after the pass expires and for payments at retail outlets which accept ez-link payments, such as, McDonalds, 7-Eleven and selected F&N Coca-Cola vending machines. Both The Singapore Tourist Pass and the ez-link card will be retained upon refund. If you wish to keep The Singapore Tourist Pass as a souvenir, you will have to forgo the card deposit and any stored value in the card. Alternatively you can run down the stored value on the card.
  • 8. Porto Card allows-Free entrance to the municipal museums of the city- discounts on several other museums and monuments, shows, culturalinstitutions and equipments, cruises on the Douro River, tours,restaurants, traditional shops and other places of interest;- Free travel on almost all metro connections;- Free travel all over the STCP network: buses, tram, aerobus, Guindaisfunicular;- Free travel on the CP suburban trains, from Valongo to Coimbres.- a telephone card, kindly offered by PT Comunicaes, charged with 1,50.
  • 9. Lisboa card-the use of all public transport facilities in the cityand trains between Lisbon and Sintra or Cascais and- free entrance or discounts in monuments, museumsor tourism circuits.- The prices are 15 for 24 hours, 26 for 48 hoursand 32 for 36 hours.Children aged between 5 and 11benefit from a 50%
  • 10. Tea service, made byParagon China Ltd, pattern "Eiffel Tower" Watchregistered 1931. Musee du LouvreVictoria & Albert Museumno. Circ.250 to 254-1970
  • 11. The Acropolis Museum
  • 12. Muse Shop, Museum Siam
  • 13. Expenditure Salaries and expenses Capital items Running costs and maintenance equipment Charges made by other departments Stationary and materials Printing Marketing Training Subscriptions to professional organizations Miscellaneous items
  • 14. ExpensesNo. List of Expense Unit Expense : Unit Expenses (Thai Baht) 1 Salaries and expenses 2 Capital items 3 Running costs and maintenance equipment 4 Charges made by other departments 5 Stationary and materials Printing 6 Marketing 7 Training8 Subscriptions to professional organizations 9 Miscellaneous items
  • 15. Example of Museum Ticket Name Logo Address Tel. www. Ticket No. Date Time Price Quantity Total Price Barcode Sponsor