Multi Tiered Systems of Support for ILT

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Overview of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for ILT

Text of Multi Tiered Systems of Support for ILT

  • 1. Welcome Agenda and Norms Warm Up Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) Response to Intervention (RTI) Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS)
  • 2. Participants will Gain an understanding of the principles of RTI, PBIS (behavioral interventions) and MTSS Begin to think about schedules and structuring MTSS at Fernando Rivera 3
  • 3. Start and end on time. We will all commit to arriving on time. Timekeeper will remind facilitator of time left. Balanced participation. We will keep track of who wants to speak, and invite those who havent spoken; Facilitators will develop structures to help elicit balanced participation; Individuals will monitor their own air time. Treat each other with respect. We will disagree respectfully and assume positive intentions Stay focused and on topic. Stick to agenda topics; Stay present and attentive use personal technology devices appropriately Maintain confidentiality
  • 4. Parking Lot
  • 5. Warm Up
  • 6. Take one minute and write all the words that come to mind when you hear the word CHANGE
  • 7. Consider this change
  • 8. This change
  • 9. This change
  • 10. Think about what you already know about RTI, PBIS or MTSS. Share with an elbow partner Popcorn out
  • 11. Do we believe that we can ensure high levels of learning for ALL students? High school + plus Grade-level or better - Mike Mattos & Austin Buffum
  • 12. To create a systematic process that ensures every child receives the additional time and support needed to learn at high levels
  • 13. Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
  • 14. Read pages 1-4 and highlight important ideas (sentences, phrases and words) that resonate with you or help you with your understanding of RTI, MTSS or PBIS.
  • 15. Share what you highlighted with your elbow partner(s) Discuss: Does this information validate what you already know or did it change your thinking? How can we build consensus around MTSS at Fernando Rivera?
  • 16. Multi-Tiered System of Support MTSS Response to Intervention (RTI) Behavioral Support (PBIS, etc)
  • 17. Screening Progress Monitoring School-wide, Multi-Level Prevention System Primary Level- Tier 1 Secondary Level- Tier 2 Tertiary Level- Tier 3 20
  • 18. 21
  • 19. 22 Tier 2 Tier 1Primary Secondary Level of Prevention (~15% of students) Tier 3 Tertiary Level of Prevention (~ 5 % of students) Level of Prevention (~80% of students)
  • 20. FROM TO Identifying which student needs help Identifying what help each student needs Intervention for a FEW students Prevention for ALL students Using the programs and people available Intentional design and redesign of services and supports matched to needs of students
  • 21. Checklists To Do Lists Timelines Universal Screening What do we want our students to know? Progress Monitoring How will we know they have learned it? Multi-Level Prevention How will we respond when learning did not take place? Data-Based Decision Making Next steps 4 Essential Questions 1. What do we want our students to learn? 2. How will we know they have learned it? 3. How will we respond when learning did not take place? 4. How do we respond when learning has already occurred?
  • 22. Step 1 Establish Purpose Step 2 Form a Team & Attend a Training Step 3 Establish Data Collection Method Step 4 Teach Behaviors & Expectations School-wide Step 5 Design a System for Positive Reinforcement & Acknowledgement Step 6 Design Discipline System Step 7 Review, Assess & Make Data-Based Decisions
  • 23. Identify Academic and Behavioral Goals Inventory Supports Data Collection Systems Needs Identification
  • 24. Reflect upon what was presented to you today. What new information do you need to effectively do your job in relation to MTSS? Share these with your elbow partner
  • 25. PowerPoint Slides: