Much Ado - Writing a newspaper article based on wedding

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  1. 1. Much Ado About Nothing Year 8 Week 3, Lesson 1
  2. 2. Lesson objective By the end of the lesson you will know: What information is needed in a newspaper article. How to plan to write a newspaper article. How to write a good newspaper headline.
  3. 3. What will you include?
  4. 4. Headlines Introduce the main story Grab the readers attention Shock or surprise Make you want to read the whole article
  5. 5. What makes a good headline? It all depends on the type of paper! Tabloid and broadsheet newspapers will present their headlines in different ways They have a different target audience The stories they cover are quite different
  6. 6. Broadsheet Headlines Usually quite straightforward Longer, fuller sentences; more sophisticated language Always about serious hard news Headlines try to be concise but informative
  7. 7. Tabloid Headlines Very short and snappy Sometimes use puns (play on words) or alliteration to grab readers attention Use shocking headlines to instantly draw the reader in Quite often humorous, especially if an entertainment story Often related to the picture, but they let the picture speak for itself Opinionated when it comes to real news stories
  8. 8. Tabloid or Broadsheet? Government backs radical plan to stop Muslim extremism Broadsheet
  9. 9. Tabloid or Broadsheet? Alien backs Clinton! Tabloid
  10. 10. Tabloid or Broadsheet? Gord help us now! Tabloid
  11. 11. Tabloid or Broadsheet? Doubts over value of 3 billion Sure Start Broadsheet
  12. 12. Tabloid or Broadsheet? Kicked in the ballots Tabloid
  13. 13. Task Work with a partner to discuss your newspaper article See if you can come up with two headlines: one for a broadsheet paper and one for a tabloid Write your headlines your exercise book
  14. 14. Plenary Headline competition Broadsheet: Tabloid:
  15. 15. Much Ado About Nothing Year 8 Week 3, Lesson 2
  16. 16. Headline comp
  17. 17. Your assessment Today you will write your newspaper article. This is an assessment. I cannot help you but you can use all of the notes that we have made so far in your exercise book. You must work independently and in silence. You can listen to music if you have headphones.
  18. 18. Start writing. You will have 10- minutes before the end of lesson to check over your work.
  19. 19. Plenary checking over your work Have you used a catchy headline? Have you answered the who, what, where, when and why questions? Have you included some quotes? Have you used quotation marks? Have you used capital letters at the beginning of sentences and for names? Have you used paragraphs to structure your writing?
  20. 20. Much Ado About Nothing Year 8 Week 3, Lesson 3
  21. 21. Learning objective You will know how to use a criteria to assess your partners work and give them positive and constructive feedback.
  22. 22. Starter You have 10 minutes to log in, find a suitable picture for your article and print it off. Make sure that your picture will fit on to your newspaper page. You will need to add a caption that explains the picture and makes your audience want to read the article.
  23. 23. Peer assessment You will use the criteria to assess your partners newspaper article. You will then give your partner feedback using the feedback form. You must be positive and constructive in your feedback. What do I mean by positive and constructive?
  24. 24. DIRT Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time Once you have your work back you need to: 1. Read through your partners comments 2. Make improvements to your work based on your partners comments.
  25. 25. Plenary Share some of your articles.