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Msmk605 seven stages of consumer logistics

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  • 7 Stages of Consumer Logistics Master of Science, Marketing Bellevue University 6 Weeks x 12 Courses= Program Overview Link
  • DR. JULIA CRONIN-GILMORE 7 Stages of Consumer Logistics
  • Coupons, advertising, shopping circulars, brands, Lists (getting products and stores on list) Planning (route to travel), point of departure, bundling of stops, hours of operation, perception of how busy the store will be, needs of products, looking at in- store catalog, and perceptions of store. Stage 1: Preparation
  • Outside environment, parking lot, safety (patrol or other), signage, lighting, clientele, crowded, and weather. Stage 2: Arriving at the Store
  • Enter the Store Stage 3 What will you notice first?
  • Stage 4: Moving through the Store
  • Layout of Products, changes in product locations, signage for sections, lighting, music,
  • Store personnel, assistance/help mechanisms,
  • Product selection, carts, aisles, promotions or POP
  • Price evaluations, brand evaluation, who shopping with them, size of store, handicaps, reading labels, and traffic in store.
  • Stage 5: Checkout
  • Amount of time in line, Number of people in lane, choosing best line, size of aisles, self-checkout, payment methods, loading on belt, monitoring prices, price checks/accuracy, redeeming coupons, bagging, scanning prices, and security
  • Stage 6: Going Home and Storage
  • Disposal of Items/Difficulty Ease of Exiting Parking Lot Getting out to the Car Placing Products in the Car Where do I put the Items at Home? Pantry Loading
  • Stage 7: Inventory Replenishment
  • Need to start the Process over again and satisfaction or dissatisfaction with product, brand, and store.
  • Blackwell, R., Miniard, P., & Engel, J. (2006). Consumer Behavior. 10th (ed.). Mason: Cengage Learning Hoyer, W., MacInnis, D., & Pieters, R. (2013) Consumer Behavior. 6th (ed.). Mason: Cengage Learning References