Motivating Teenagers in the Classroom

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Motivating teeangers to learn a is not easy. IN this presentation I reflect a little on how to teach teenagers can be pleasurable and fun by using very simple activities and then I give some tips on to engage in their learning process.

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  • Brainstorm Teenagers / Adolescence Are they different from 15 years ago?
  • HOW and WHY are teenagers different?
  • + technologically-oriented. quicker thinkers. + informed about general subjects. less concentrating + restless and energetic. often perceived as disrespectful by elders or/and authorities. + capable of multi-tasking. bored quickly. eager for challenges.
  • Usually, it is not easy to teach teens. Teachers are no longer the ones who own the knowledge . They usually dont want to be in class. They have strong opinion they know better They are lively, enthusiastic, energetic, fun. When they like the subject they can be really cooperative and creative.
  • Saturated with traditional learning models Energetic: looks forward to soccer after English lessons 7 years in a language institute in Brazil Expects to get his Certificate soon For this school, I am lazy Sociable and friendly
  • How to motivate students like him?
  • Using activities that engage them and make them feel they are progressing
  • Regina Spektor: Fidelity 1. Tell the students the title of the song 2. Show the SS the video without the sound 3. Ask SS to make up a story based on the video ( pairs or groups of three) 4. SS share their stories with the class 5. Show the video with the sound - hand out the SS the lyrics OBS: If you wish, give SS some previous words from the song
  • Regina Spektor: US 1. Give SS a list of words of the song (it can be a word cloud ) 2. Ask them to try to: Guess what the song is and try to build up sentences from those words 3. Show the you tube video v=fczPlmz-Vug While SS watch the video , they try to copy as many sentences as they can pair check 4. Show the you tube video with lyrics and ask SS to write an e-mail to a friend using most sentences of the song
  • A book written by the SS The autograph night The 300 pages club Suggested themes: best friends, favourite films, trips, football team, etc Book donation Book exchange Reading for a minute Buying/ Selling books Competition: who brings more books? Storytelling time
  • Choose among many kinds of FREE prompts (Animals, festivals, celebrations, news, events, fantasy, historical, personal, science and technology). And, besides writing, "Writing prompts" also works well if used as a speaking activity. Depending on the topic you're teaching, students can simply choose a prompt and talk about it for a while.
  • It's very creative. Students can explore their creativity and compose short songs to be shared. Teens love it! It is an app for Android. Texts can become songs and students can send each other via Bluetooth so they can appreciate their songs! While they listen to the songs they can transcript the lyrics - it can become a listening activity!
  • Create extraordinary videos of SS photos An app for android and IOS An example on how I use it: At the beginning of the semester I asked my SS to choose photos of their holidays and make a video . seliserra/docs/mlea rning_project
  • Webtool + App for androind and IOS Objective: To create comic strips and avatars Uses: Ts presentations ( vocabulary and/or grammar topic Set HW posting na image on edmodo Edmodo SS can create comic strips on any topic Example 1: Interview someone about how education was like in the past and create a comic strip (images) based on the answer Example 2: A longer strip ( comic story) representeing a scene of a book theyve read (The favourite scene , for instance)
  • Song You tube Worksheet /860069/A-music-video-%E2%80%93- Level-Upper-Int
  • Slide 1 The Daylight Project Marrom 5 XwRWEZs Slide 2 The Daylight Project Marrom 5 Sep 2012 the band announced on the web they needed real people to share their stories to help them create a video for a song. The idea was t show the world everyone is important As different as we all are, there are common themes that bring us together, inspire an show everyone what is important today. A music video Level Upper Int. Slide 3 SS watch the video and fill in the three charts: What I love What I hate What I want SS compare their answers As they listen to the song for the second time they fill in the gaps with the PHRASAL VERBS, then check the meaning with a friend using the context of the song. ( revision on previous lesson TL ) SS then receive a worksheet What about you? SS write about them SS share their ideas in small groups Follow up questions Steps Slide 4 Follow up questions: What touched you more in the video? What did you like best/ least? Would you take part in a project like this? Why? Why not? Would a project like this be possible in Brazil? What do you think Brazilians of different social classes would say?
  • Be flexible, firm, coherent, friendly, do not be oversensitive (they are not against you). Dont issue empty threats. Avoid personal confrontation in front of the others. Talk to the disruptive student one-to-one after the class. Maintain calmness in the face of aggression or rudeness.
  • Encourage them to work as a group (adolescents love having the feeling of group-belongness) See that pedagogical content is not dissociated from group dynamic. Connect language to their own lives. Value their opinions Encourage students to learn not only from you but from their classmates and external sources
  • Encourage students to listen to each other Keep class in English (at least 90% of the time). Talk about personal experiences (successes, failures ). Get in touch with them ( Edmodo, Journal diares, etc) . Try out different activities.
  • Get into their world of interests and emotions. Take them seriously. Encourage them to ask questions and link answers to real life. Remember that shouting at your students will make you weaker. Dont take things personally; students may have had bad experiences in the past and you are the nearest target.
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