Mobile Web: The Rise of Mobile Devices

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  • 1. Mobile Web:The Rise of Mobile Devices By: Jessica KnightMarch 25th, 2012Fundamentals of Web Design

2. Objectives To attract more customers. To add functionality to eventsand self-scheduling capabilities. Change how site links to menuoptions. 3. Mobile & Tablet GrowthOne out of four cell phone users Half of all searches are completedare using Smartphones. on a mobile device. 4. 4 Ways Mobile Sites AreDifferent from Desktop Sites Simpler and More Prioritized Content. Very Few Hyperlinks, Footers andGraphics. Site Integration with GPS and PhoneNumbers. Vertical Navigation as shown in the nextslide. 5. Example of Vertical Navigation 6. Technologies to make websites accessible on all devices 7. Great Mobile Websites 8. Not So Good Mobile Websites 9. Recommendations forCollins Catering and Events Create a mobile website. Using HTML5 and CSS, make the menu a vertical navigation menu with the menu item, then a pullout vertical navigation with additional information, such as pricing. Add a calendar, where people can schedule their own events and be contacted by a representative to discuss details. Possible addition of a blog, possibly discussing of weekly events and follow-up posts, which can also double as testimonials. Update monthly for pricing, add photos of events to gallery. 10. In ConclusionMobile is the new way. Its the wave ofthe future. Dont you wish you wouldve been one of those firstcompanies to have a website when theInternet first came about? You can beon the cutting edge with a mobile site. Without one, your customers will findyour competitors. 11. ReferencesSinger, Dirk, A Chart showing How the World is Going Mobile,published Dec. 6, 2010, located March 25, 2012 at:, Shanshan, 10 Ways Mobile Sites Are Different from Desktop WebSites, published March 21, 2011, located March 25, 2012 at: images were located using Google on March 25, 2012 at


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