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Misery Film Opening

Misery film opening

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Page 2: Misery film opening

CinematographyThe close up shot of the type writer may connote that the film may be based on a book or paper work to the audience,. The fact that it’s a close up shot may suggest that the man is focused on writing this letter.

This close up shot of the paper and ‘The end’ explains that it may also be about a significant book or something that may be shown later in the film. This connotes and signifies to the audience on later events .

The close up shot of the champagne which is a celebrating drink, shows that he is celebrating maybe the accomplishment of the story he had written. This connotes to the audience that is may me an important piece of writing,

Page 3: Misery film opening

SoundA blank screen is shown whilst we hear non diagetic sound of a type writer. This captures the audiences attention as they wonder what is happening. My group also wanted to use non diagetic sound to make our opening more mysterious.

This shot is a close up shot of a cigarette and a match stick with a blurred out vision of the type writer behind which links to the sound of the type writer being diagetic.

Page 4: Misery film opening

Character expositionThis close up shot shows that the main character is Paul Sheldon as we have not seen any of the other characters just as yet. This suggest that he is the protagonist and the story line may be based on him. We took this account of board with our own film opening and set the opening to start with the character that the story line is based on which was the dead girl .

The shot of the main character shows that he is a lonely, middle aged man as he is drinking and smoking by himself. This may connote on the narrative of the story as there may be a story line behind why he’s lonely.