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MOSES is a professional online networking community meeting weekly, researching the ability of 3-D web platforms to provide high-security, high performance access, and conducting bimonthly Avatar Scalability Experiments open to the public. The presentation is an introductory overview of the project highlighting benefits, opportunities to participate, and resource links


  • 1. SL10B MOSES - SITEARM 1Sitearm Madonna: MOSES member andnewsletter Managing Editor"Military Open Simulator EnterpriseStrategy (MOSES) Community"SL10B Auditorium, Tuesday, 10am PDT
  • 2. SL10B MOSES - SITEARM 2About MOSES Professional online networking community -meet weekly, researching the ability of 3-D webplatforms to provide high-security, high-performance access, and conducting bimonthlyAvatar Scalability Experiments open to thepublic.
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  • 4. SL10B MOSES - SITEARM 4SLers who are MOSES members Aimee Weber Alias Piek Bev Landar Delightful Doowangle Evan Emerald Joey Aboma Lyr Lobo Maccus McCullough Shelenn Ayres Sitearm Madonna Xhyra Graf
  • 5. SL10B MOSES - SITEARM 5MOSES Benefits Networking other SL people in MOSES Learning your own virtual world software toexperiment with See, for example:MOSES BROKEN TABLET Newsletter Fall 2012 Includes member comments and advice to futuremembers
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  • 7. SL10B MOSES - SITEARM 7MOSES FeedbackDr. James McDermott: The power ofMOSES is in the people who come to it.There are a lot of places to get thetechnology. But the people who come toMOSES have a vision, a highly developedskill set, and are willing to cooperate. Thecommunication that goes on formally (e.g.,at meetings) and informally (e.g., betweenmeetings) is priceless.I have been impressed by the quality of thework done by MOSES participants in theDefense Game Tech Users Conferenceand the Federal Virtual Challenge. MOSESmembers are fellow contributingresearchers, and I look forward to continueworking with them to engage more outsidescience and technology communities and tohelp schools and people accelerate scienceinfrastructure development.Dr. Cynthia Calonge (Lyr Lobo): "Irecommend MOSES for thinkers fromdiverse backgrounds who enjoy pioneeringand reflecting on the possibilities of life, andobserve that there is a place for everyone.I see MOSES as part of an overall growthtrend in virtual collaboration and emergingmedia. I am attracted by the ambitiousgoals of MOSES, which includeindependent, high-security, high-performance access to three-dimensional,online, interactive virtual environments.The weekly office hours on Fridayafternoons provide opportunities to meetnew people in MOSES and to strengthenthe connections between friends and fellowresearchers."
  • 8. SL10B MOSES - SITEARM 8Invitation to Participate MOSES official project website:http://www.militarymetaverse.org/ Avatar Scalability Experiment registrationinformation:http://www.militarymetaverse.org/?page_id=379 Registration opens two weeks prior to eachbimonthly experiment.
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