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Mesolithic Mountsandel

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The History of Mountsandel

IntroductionThis presentation will aim to give you an insight to the Mesolithic period of Mountsandel.

2 very important points first.

Water safety!

Leave no trace.

Mesolithic Mountsandel

IMproving Hopes, Aspirations, Potential and Prospects in the Youth

When did people first arrive?Mesolithic is Middle Stone Age.

As early as 7700 BC, that is 9700 years ago.

This was just after the last Ice Age.

Neolithic is late Stone Age, when farming first started in Ireland.

TimelineEnd of last Ice Age 11000 years ago. Farming began here 6000 years ago.Newgrange 5200years ago.Egyptian Pyrmids 4600 years ago.Great Wall of China 2200 years ago.Medieval Period 1500 500 years ago.

Who were they & where from?Probably came from West Scotland.

They lived in small groups. Only 5000 in total (1.8mil in N.I. now).

Mountsandel held 15 people, at most.

They did not keep animals, or grow crops, so what did they do?

They hunted and gathered what they needed.

Lived closely with nature, and seen themselves as part of nature.

Why Mountsandel?The area has long been know for Salmon, Trout and Eels.

In Mesolithic times Wild Boar and Deer would have roamed.

Coleraine would have been a large wood with a variety of trees.

So everything they needed was here.

Wild Boar

How they livedThis was before man discovered metal.

All tools would have been made from stone, bone or wood.

They were very skilled at making things.

Their huts were about 6 meters wide, a wooden frame covered with reeds or animal skins.

Reconstruction of a Mesolithic hut

Recent Marsh Arab hut

Mountsandel todayThe area still has everything needed to build a Mesolithic style hut.

You really only need 3 things.

Sapling trees to make the frame.

Vines to tie the frame together.

A cover to keep the rain out.



Reeds and broad leaves

Primitive Technology

Other local sites to consider

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