MCHE Open Forum 2013 - Translating strategy into change at London Metropolitan University

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<ul><li>1.Managing change in higher education (MCHE) Open Forum 5th July 2013 Translating strategy into change at London Metropolitan University Christopher Sarchet, Programme Manager, Strategic Programme Office </li></ul> <p>2. London Metropolitan University Founder institutions date back to 1848 and1896 2012 ten years old merger of LGU and UNL 25,000 students* Student population multi cultural 2000 staff multi cultural City and North London campuses Global capital city Research focus 2002 Strategic Plan 3. London Metropolitan University 2010 new Vice Chancellor and new strategic plan July 2012 November 2012 Strategic Plan 2013 to 2015 Programme of projects 2010 to 2013 Review of Process to date Future Programme of Projects 4. London Metropolitan University Review of Undergraduate Education Review of Postgraduate Education and Research Governance Review Business Process Review Estates Review Effectiveness of staff reward structures Academic structure review Partnership and Community and Employer Engagement reviews 5. Drivers for change at London Met Merger Student Funding debacles High student non completion rates Low student satisfaction New Strategic Plan Browne Review and new fee regime Changing configurations of demand 6. Change methodology Requirements Options Strategic Programme Office Documentation Higher education culture and change methodologies 7. Process PRINCE 2 lite Tools Communication Strategy Project Board and terms of reference Working methods 8. Review of progress and process Key Recommendations Portfolio Curriculum Champion of Affordable Quality Education Process adopted after review Communication strategy 9. Communications London Metropolitan University is to cut hundreds of courses, in a bid for financial sustainability in a "much more competitive environment" when fees are increased in England next year. BBC news 10. Communications 11. Communications Following a meeting to discuss the fight against cuts at London Metropolitan University, sixty students have occupied the Graduate Centre in protest at the cuts. 12. Communications Review Media attention April/May 2011 61% neutral 20% negative 19% positive Key word : cuts 13. Project Managers lessons Managing change in HE HE culture Change methodology Complexity Communication v consultation Strong character(s) and perseverance It is never 100% over.....or successful! 14. Future programme of projects New Strategic Plan Reviews of implementation of recommendations New Strategies and Projects 2015 to 2020 Other projects as they arise... 15. London Metropolitan University Questions and contact information Christopher Sarchet at </p>


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