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  • I also picked other types bold font,which aims to stand my mastheadout. This is the screenshot of myinitial ideas.

    - Click the download button on the website, thenit will be in the download document.

    - Double click Install Font; it will thendownload in your Mac successfully.

    Masthead CreationIn my initial ideas, my favourite top 3 mastheads are Country MusicBoard (CMB), Pick and Mr Country. Considering that my magazinegenre is pop country, I finally decide that choose CMB to be mymasthead:

    - Easy to read and remember by audience- Display the music genre from masthead in order to appeal

    my target audienceI find some effective fonts from a website called Dafont(, which includes diverse font styles, its reallyhelpful. Here is the way I installed my font:

  • Out of the 3, I prefer CMB and this font becausethat the idea of board is come from a pop musicmagazine called Billboard, as well as this nameshow my music genre to audience effectively.Some people might dont know whatpick/plectrum is; Mr Country is a little bit nave,which not really appeal the age of my audiencefrom 14-22. Therefore, CMB is the best choice forme now.

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