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  • 1.4-HHHHH!!!

2. 3.

  • 4-Ha part of Cooperative Extension

Over 3,000 county officesNational Institute of Food & Ag (part of USDA) 109 Land-grant Universities Resources from federal, state, and local governments 4. Virginia Cooperative Extension4-H Youth Development Airfield4-H Center 4-H Camping & Conferencing School Groups 4-H Jr. Summer Camp User Groups;4-H and Non 4-H Specialty Camps Virginia Tech, Virginia State Virginia 4-H Trainings & Conferences NOVA4-H Center Jamestown 4-H Center W.E. Skelton4-H Center Holiday Lake 4-H Center SWVA4-H Center 5. Jamestown 4-H Center Northumberland Lancaster Middlesex Mathews York NewportNews Hampton 6. 7. So. What do I do?

  • Programming
  • Staffing
  • Training
  • Risk Management
  • Department Budget
  • PLAY!!!!!


  • Delivering Programming with three main models in mind:
  • Developing Life Skills
  • Utilizing Experiential Learning Process
  • Promoting Character Counts!

9. Position Title: Program Director

  • Manage all Center Programming
    • Jr. Summer Camp Programs (ages 9-13)
    • Weekend/ Day Specialty Camps (theme specific, i.e.: Science Camp, Cloverbuds, Teen Leadership, Arts Camp)
    • Environmental Outreach (community organizations, parks & rec, schools)
    • On-site Outdoor Education (schools, user-groups)
  • Manage all Center Programming Personnel
    • Staff recruiting, hiring, training, supervision (seasonal, part-time, and year-round staff & volunteers)
  • State Initiatives
    • ACCT Challenge Course Manager, ACA Visitor, Red Cross, OAC, NREE
    • Statewide training instruction (outdoor adventure, challenge course, etc.)
  • Departmental Budgetary Needs
    • Staffing, supplies, professional development, travel, etc.
  • Marketing, Conferences, Professional Development
  • Coordinate support services amongst departments

10. School & Camps!!! 11. 9 Weeks of Jr. Summer Camp 12. 8 Weekend Specialty Camps 13. Outdoor Adventure & Outreach 14. STAFF 15. Staff 101

  • Summer = supervision & support, recruiting & evaluating
  • Fall = University visits, performance review, staff involvement
  • Winter = interviews & the magic puzzle
  • Spring = prep & training

16. Professional Organizations

  • National Associations
  • American Camp Association (ACA)
  • Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT)
  • Virginia Recreation & Parks Society (VRPS)
  • National Recreation & Park Association (NRPA)
  • National Camping Institute (NCI)
  • Community Organizations
  • 4-H Associations
  • Organization of VA 4-H Educational Centers (OV4HEC)
  • Natural Resource Environmental Education (NREE)
  • Outdoor Adventure Committee (OAC)
  • Virginia Association of 4-H Extension Agents (VA4HEA)
  • National Association of 4-H Extension Agents (NAE4HA)
  • Volunteers Leader Association

17. Professional Development

  • National Certifications
  • American Camp Association Visitor (ACA)
  • Certified Parks & Rec Professional (CPRP)
  • Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT)
  • American Canoe Association (ACA)
  • American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA)
  • American Red Cross certification and instructor status
  • 4-H Certifications
  • Shooting Sports Archery, Rifle
  • Character Counts!
  • Master Camp Director Training
  • Outdoor Adventure Camp Training
  • Equine and Livestock Training

18. How can I get involved? Become a 4-H volunteer 4-H Program Director 4- H Intern 4-H Extension Agent 4-H Seasonal Professional4-H Summer Staff 4-H Part-Time Educator Entry-level Program Position 19. Realities of our field

  • During College
  • Obtain as much volunteer and work experience (even part-time or seasonal)
  • Start an activity log/professional portfolio the sooner the better, and easier!
  • Join organizations its never too early to make connections and get your name out there
  • Post College
  • Apply, apply, apply YOU make opportunities happen, they dont come knocking on your door
  • Stay involved in your community, your school, with your passions
  • Remain connected phone calls, emails, LinkedIn, Facebook.Out of sight, out of mind.
  • Its got to be your PASSION
  • Fine balance of fulfillment versus pay.dont expect 50 Gs straight out of college
  • Longevity post-college is smiled upon
  • Diversity in experience and training goes a long way set yourself up to be marketable in multiple areas, ie: marketing, low ropes, management


  • Marlie Smith
  • Program Director
  • Jamestown 4-H Center
  • [email_address]