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Marco Polo and his adventures packed in one slideshow!

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  • 1. Marco Polos AdventuresBy: Luka

2. Marco Polo?Marco He wasmerchant andtraveler that wasnot quite clearon his journey toChina 3. Defeats and AccomplishmentsAccomplishmentsDefeats Met Kublai Khan Mom died when Travel to Chinayoung Wrote The Travels of MarcoPolo imprisoned Well educated when Dad gone most lifeteenager Famous Historical figure Death Traveled safely China People thought book Wrote book in prison was lie + go no farther Persia 4. No one was sure what Marco Polosbirth date was. But he was born in Venice. 5. These are the travelsMarco Polo tookStarted from Venice homecityThen Sudak on way to KublaiKhan Next went to Acre Next Baghdad Next Samrkand to Khotan Next Khanbalik From there went Yangzhouto ZaitonOn his way back stoppedPegu, Gujarat, Hormuz, andagain to AcreOf course he stoppedVenice. 6. Marco Polos Life 1254 - Born in Venice 1267 Mother died; cared for by aunt + uncle 1269 Father returned from big journey to meet Kublai Khan 1271 First travel to China 1275 Meets Mongol Leader, Kublai Khan 1295 Returns from journey 1298 Held in prison by Italy 1298 Makes a book which no one believes and is let out ofprison 1299 Becomes merchant 1324 Deathbed 7. Marco in the Army 8. Marcos Ship 9. Marcos Early Years Born in 1254 in Venice Raised Venice Mother died 1267 1269 Father return from journey Not educated until later 10. Marco in Prison 11. Marcos Late life 1295 returns from journey to China In trip met Genghis Khan Relatives not believe Marco was Marco so not let them inhouse Finally believes and have feast Government made join army Venice lost war against Italy and Marco went prison 1298 let out of prison and made book People didnt believe book so called A Book of a Million Lies January 6, 1324 deathbed Priest told him take back million lies but Marco said I onlytold half of what I saw. 12. The Leader Marco Met 13. Marco Polos deathMarco Polo Marco Polodied in 1323.He was putdown in bedbecause ofillness. 14. What do People Think of Marco Now? Some doubt even went to China Say only stop at Persia Most think book real Made no mentioning on tea drinking or Great Wall ofChina Still can bye the travels of Marco Polo in his book today In book said nothing about drinking tea. Chinesewriting, or The Great wall of China In China there are no records of a European travelercoming to meet Kublai Khan 15. The Travels of Marco Polo Book