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Mara Triangle

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  • 1. Working with local leaders, communities, and tourism partners, the Mara Conservancy uses effective and efficient management methods that enhance the economical value of conservation to better protect the Mara Triangle and its surrounding ecosystem.

2. We see the Mara Triangle as an integral part of the Greater Mara Ecosystem, which deserves a healthy environment that benefits both people and wildlife. The Mara Conservancy is committed to helping local communities adopt a sustainable approach to conservation by creating a management model that is transparent, accountable and values wildlife. We believe in responsible tourism, sustainable development, good guiding practices, and strive for an environment that is free from the threats of poaching. This is achieved by fostering good working relationships with local communities and tourism stakeholders, recognising the worth of an appreciated workforce, and understanding the urgent need to protect our wildlife. We want to ensure that the Masai Mara remains an important ecosystem for wildlife, tourism, local communities, and for Kenya. 3. Various Websites: Facebook Page: 4. Blog 5. 6. Flickr Photographs uploading (45 albums) 7. Facebook Fan Page (no mention of members) 8. Vimeo Video Uploading 9. Im giving money for Mara Triangle click on the Chip In button to make a contribution! 10. Although they have many social media platforms, we are unable to find their staff strength, their growth or their volunteer ratio. Difficulty in accessing directly to donation portal and volunteers application

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