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Slides used in work with educators about the importance of social media for learning and professional learning networks.

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  • 1. The Many Faces of Social Networking BonnieBirdsall @bonniebird bbirdsall@cssu.org
  • 2. A Day in theLife of aConnectedEducator(Click on the link aboveto see this infographicmore closely.)
  • 3. What is a PLN?A Personal Learning Network (PLN) is a group of people youcount on to: guide you in your learning be your source of advice and resources make you aware of learning opportunities share their best practices point you to answers and support( Photo: Creative Commons, flickr We dont stop learning because we are old,but we might be getting old when we stop learning.#Edchat
  • 4. Planting Some IdeasIm engaging in a conversation with people I dont know and I feelrespected.I found Twitter so powerful. It was like doing a Google search, butpeople gave me exactly what I needed when I needed it.I dont understanding why every teacher isnt on Twitter.We always heard about and dreamed of connecting ourclassrooms with others globally, but werent sure how to do that.Now we found the road to get there."We are in the profession of learning, we shouldbe the best at learning."(Ray McNulty 3/15/12)
  • 5. Some PLN Growing ToolsTwitterDiigoEducators PLNClassroom 2.0 Photo: Creative Commons: flickr Plus
  • 6. TwitterTwitter in Education LivebinderPresentation from Dynamic Landscapes, May2011"Why Twitter? I dont have time for that!"(somegoodhowtos)
  • 7. Diigo Image: Creative Commons/flickr diigo page about diigo
  • 8. Other PLN ResourcesCybraryMans PLN PageCultivating a PLN - A LivebinderPLNs Explained, a video by Will RichardsonBonnies Diigo page about PLNs