Lsl webinar themes20 sept2013

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Lsl webinar themes20 sept2013


<ul><li> 1. Themes &amp; Updates Claire Morvan 20 September 2013 Brussels, Belgium</li></ul> <p> 2. Themes Are we talking about the same thing? The AS1 schools are responsible for the moderation of their selected Theme, showcasing and demonstrating around the theme to the other schools in the network, sharing practice through a discussion forum and resources, and hosting a webinar(s) through the Snack bar 3. What is expected? Showcase, demonstrate and validate Sharing innovative practices &amp; resources Deliver a webinar Video making 4. Webinar Format Pre-activities to be set up in the snack section Length: 30min -&gt; 20 presentation, 10Q&amp;A Post activities, follow upContent: Should be agreed within the team Pick the most innovative / replicable practices to be presented 5. Videos Format KISS Keep It Short and Simple Interviews of teachers, head teachers and pupilsContent: Demonstrate collaboratively innovative practices related to the theme you have chosen. Capture innovative practice: Evidence Criteria: should be replicable by other teachers 6. How? Collaborately via the LSL CoP (themes section) Via forum, discussion, sharing resources and validate them Prepare webinar Populate your theme pageSupport from EUN Providing training and resources Preparation of each webinar 7. Theme Crews ThemeGroupDigital Content and Digital TextbooksDaniela, Salvatore (Italy) Ilona (CZ) Maria Teresa (Portugal)Interactive TechnologiesManfred (Austria) Petra (CZ) Anne-Sophie (France) Philip (Belgium) &amp; Sabine Katharina AT Silvia (Austria)1:1 DevicesCindy, Hans (Belgium) Ana (Portugal) Rune (Norway) Giovanna (Italy)Learning spaces (physical)Month 8. Theme crews ThemeGroupLearning Environments (Virtual)Teija (Finland) Sarah-Jayne (Ireland)Collaborative Learning ToolsVirginija (Lithuania) Jonathan and David (UK) Kay (Norway) Josephine (Cyprus) (replacing Leonidas?) Skevi (Cyprus) Xavier (France) Aurika (Lithuania)CPDKirsty Tonks (UK) Pikke (Finland) Gearoid (Ireland)Month 9. Actions Designate a contact person by the 26th Sept. Pick the month you want to run your webinar by the 30th Sept. Read the blog and to join in the twitter chat #lsl_eu Next step: Claire will liaise with contact person for further support to organize both theme page and webinar on the 7th Oct. 10. Updates Contracts New features on the CoP Fortnightly digest Quick question: Focus areas to be addressed on EUN website: 11. Thank you web email </p>