Location Analysis - Urmston Meadows

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Location Analysis Urmston Meadows

The meadows is grassland surrounding the River Mersey as it passes through the south of Urmston.The meadows as whole is a stunning location for aesthetically pleasing shots.Upon entrance to the meadows is a long large pathway with a concrete wall one side and fields on the other. The path is great for walking scenes as it goes on for so long to get good shots.

The River running through the Meadows makes it a great location for our video due to our song featuring the lyrics about waves. Despite it being upstream of the Mersey the current are still strong enough to pick up ripples on the camera. It also attracts wildlife that can be aesthetically pleasing in our video.

The large grassland contrasted to the river also makes for great aesthetically pleasing shots, particularly in narrative type performance shots keeping the theme of water still linked. Its also great for wide shots.