Literacy Week 8 Term 4 2014 by Mia

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  1. 1. Visible Learning Reflection Questions 2014: 1. What were you learning? (What was the Learning Intention?) To be able to write a song based on another song. 2. Why were you learning it? (Relevance to Your Learning Goals/ Next Steps) Because it is your first step to writing your own song. 3. How successful were you in your learning? (Describe how it went in relation to the Success Criteria and Exemplars) Quite successful because I managed to turn out with quite a good piece of music. 4. What do you need help to understand? (Plus what are your Next Steps and how do you know what they are?) I think I understand everything and my next step would be to make another song with no guidelines. 5. What helped you to learn? (Activities, Class Environment, Teacher, Others, What You Did to help yourself focus?) The people who made the A-Z Lyrics website because it made it much easier for me because I didnt have to listen to the music and figure out the lyrics.


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