Literacy, CfE and ICT

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Ollie Bray's presentation on Literacy, ICT and the Curriculum for Excellence. This presenation was first delivered at Drumond Community High School, Edinburgh.


  • 1. Literacy and ICT
    Ollie Bray
    National Adviser
    Emerging Technologies in Learning
    Learning and Teaching Scotland

4. Literacy and CfE

All practitioners in each sector, in each department and in all settings have a responsibility to develop, reinforce and extend the skills which are set out in the literacy experiences and outcomes.

Literacy and English Principles and Practice 2009
5. What are you thinking?
6. Definition of literacy

Literacy is the set of skills which allows an individual to engage fully in society and in learning, through the different forms of language which society values and finds useful.

Literacy and English Principles and Practice 2009
7. Is it useful?
Do we value it?
8. Is it useful?
Do we value it?
9. Is it useful?
Do we value it?
10. Source: Classical Comics
11. Source: Classical Comics
12. Source: Classical Comics
13. Definition of literacy

The literacy experiences and outcomes apply across the curriculum, in all aspects of learning and all subject areas.

Literacy and English Principles and Practice 2009
14. GTC Standard for Full Registration
15. Definition of texts

Atext is the medium through which
ideas, experiences, opinions and information can be communicated.

Literacy and English Principles and Practice 2009
16. Examples of texts (1)
novels, short stories, plays, poems
reference texts
the spoken word
charts, maps, graphs and timetables
17. Examples of texts (2)
advertisements and promotional leaflets
comics, newspapers and magazines
CVs, letters and emails
films, games and TV programmes
labels, signs and posters
18. Examples of texts (3)
recipes, manuals and instructions
reports and reviews
text messages, blogs and social networking sites
web pages, catalogues and directories
19. listening & talking
20. distribution
21. understanding ourstudents
22. 23. 24. I hate geography
Bray, he was off his head again today
Gone, gone but not forgotten. Now we dont have PowerPoint presentations any more
25. A beta life
the relationships that young people
aged 12-24 have with technology
26. 8 devices
5 activities
25% agree that
turn on their computer
27. A quarter of young people interviewed text or IM friends they are physically with at the time
123 friends
28. data
29. 30. friends
31. Are children the same as
they used to be?
32. engagingourstudents
33. learning
interest /
James Paul Gee
34. Innovative teaching

Registered teachers skillfully adopt and deploy a wide variety of innovative resources, including ICT and, where appropriate, the outdoor environment.

GTCS Standard for Full Registation
35. 36. tools
37. 38. output
39. 40. audience
41. WWW
42. World Wide Wall Display
43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48.
49. 50. 51.
52. digital literacy
53. Critical Literacy in the Digital Age

To help me develop an informed view, I am exploring the techniques used to influence my opinion. I can recognise persuasion and assess the reliability of information and credibility and value of my resources.

Literacy Level 3
54. Information literacy
55. 'This article needs additional citation for verification'
'This article reads like an advertisement
'This article contradicts itself
'This article contradicts another article
The factual accuracy is disputed
56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. final thoughts
70. change?
Credit: Bill Boyd
71. CPD


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