Linkedin Tips for Small Business Owners

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8 Tips to get more from your LinkedIn account - 1. Get your profile to All Star status and have a great summary. 2. Build up connections. 3 .Personalise your account and stand out. 4. Add Rich Media Links. 5. Update and personalise all introductions. 6. Join and Participate in Groups. 7. Meet contacts offline. 8. Develop business leads with LinkedIn searches.


<ul><li>1.8 LinkedIn Tips Greg Fry October 8th 2014 </li></ul> <p>2. WHAT IS LINKEDIN?Facebook with Ties? 3. LINKEDIN STATISTICS300 Million Users worldwide.70% of LinkedIn users are decision makers.48% of the users in the US (9% India, 6% UK).1 Million + users in Ireland.Average age of global users is 25-45.60% Male 40% Female.12% of all users say they are in a Sales function.78% of US Companies using LinkedIn to recruit. 4. WHAT LINKEDIN LOOKS LIKE 5. WHAT LINKEDIN LOOKS LIKE 6. CHECK YOUR PRIVACY SETTINGSTIPTurn off your activity broadcasts when giving your LinkedIn Profile a makeover.Change your account visibility to annonomous if you do not want a LinkedIn connection to know you have been viewing their profile. 7. 8 LinkedIn Tips 8. TIP 1: LOOK AMAZINGAdd a Quality Photo.Spend time on your Bio and Experience. Write a great summary.Get RecommendationsSpend time and get your Profile to All Star status. 9. WHATS YOUR HEADLINE?Click Edit Profile. Click the pencil below your name.Add detail of who you are and what you do. 10. TIP 2: ADD CONNECTIONSBuilding Up ConnectionsOld school Friends.College Friends and staff members.Business Contacts.Target Individuals. 11. TIP 3: STAND OUTPersonalise your LinkedIn Account and Stand Out From the Crowd.1.Make sure you have a Unique URL.2.Add Company website, Blog address and personalise the names.3.Rearrange your headings to stand out.4.Use Keywords to attract new clients.5.Add your core skills. ( 12. ENDORSED 13. TIP 4: ADD IMAGES, LINKS &amp; VIDEOAdd Images &amp; Links to your profile 14. NEW RICH MEDIA FEATUREAdd Video and Image Links to your ProfileAdd Video to the Summary, Work and Education sections of your Profile.Add a Powerpoint Presentation to your profile using your status by adding the link to your latest blog post. 15. TIP 5: UPDATEUpdate your status and Personalise invitations.Update your status frequently.Tag individuals that you want to see your updates.Personalise all introductions.. 16. TIP 5: UPDATECreate and market valuable content 17. TIP 6: GROUPSJoin and participate in Groups.Find Relevant Groups.Make new Contacts.Demonstrate your expertise.Ask Questions.Get advice from experts.Be Seen and let new clients find you. 18. TIP 6: GROUPS contLook at the Groups your Target Clients have joined 19. HOW TO BEHAVE IN GROUPS 20. TIP 7: SEARCHDevelop business leads with LinkedIn SearchesSearch by Industry, location and job type.Save your top searches.Search groups. 21. TIP 8: MEET CONTACTSMove your contacts offline 22. 8 LINKEDIN TAKEAWAYS1.Get your profile to All Star status and have a great summary.2.Build up connections.3.Personalise your account and stand out.4.Add Rich Media Links.5.Update and personalise all introductions.6.Join and Participate in Groups.7.Meet contacts offline.8.Develop business leads with LinkedIn searches. 23. LinkedInExtra 24. SHARING ON LINKEDIN 25. FINALLYInvest Time in LinkedIn 26. Questions &amp; Answers 27. CONTACT ME087 2039855 the presentation here 28. QUICK CHATWhat do you want to achieve by using LinkedIn?How can you market your business on LinkedIn?Whats your professional headline?What images, video and links should be on your profile?How can you use LinkedIn to sell?How much time should you spend?Who in the company should use LinkedIn?How can I measure my success on LinkedIn? </p>