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Digital Graphic Narrative

Comic Books and Graphic Novels

Aims:All of you will be able to discuss the different types of graphic narrative

Most of you will be able to discuss genres of graphic novels and comics

Some of you will be able to draw on examples to discuss genres and features of graphic narratives.

Warm UpIntroduce yourself and explain who your favourite character is and why.

Could be a game, or comic book character.

The Unit Learn how to use Photoshop and create digital graphics

Learn how to create your own 15 panel graphic novel

Learn about genres, audiences, companies and production roles

Learn about inking, pencilling, lettering and colouring

AssignmentsAssignment 1- Review of one comic and one graphic novel

Assignment 2- Character profile and concepts

Assignment 3- Story outline and 15 key moments

Assignment 4- Proposal, pre-production and panel plans

Assignment 5- comic book or graphic novel

Assignment 6- Evaluation and production diary


What is the purpose of graphic novels and comics?Graphic novels and comics represent a form of fiction that tells a story in a sequential, visual narrative.

two dimensional visual stories

Creating Graphic Novels and Comics

Places you might see comics and graphic novels Discuss in Pairs and Share

Places you would see graphic narrativebooks, newspapers, magazines, TV, film, internet;

Types of comic book and graphic novel

Graphic Narrative Formatsillustration, cartoon, comic strip, flick book, photo-story, storyboard, film, video, animation; new technologies, eg computer animation, interactive media

Features of Graphic Novels and Comic BooksAnalyse the examples in pairs and share your thoughts.

Consider what the typical features of a graphic novel or comic book are.

Creative Doodling Use the phrase to come up with a single graphic novel/ comic image

Genres of Comic book and Graphic novels

TASK: Research graphic novels and comicsWrite about Genres of graphic novel and comics, and the typical features you would see in a graphic novel or comic.

Make notes graphic novels and comic genres

Find out about how comic books and graphic novels are made

Write about the features of graphic novels and comics

Use our discussions today to write about comics and graphic novels.